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The definition of a moon child is someone born under the astrological sign of Cancer. When the Natal Moon is in the sign of Cancer, it is in its home. The Moon is associated with, and ruled by, this Water Sign. It explains why the Moon is always, "Female." The first association with the Cancer, Moon-Child symbolism is a round face. This term is part of the vernacular and used in some astrological definitions. There's a genuine caring that is associated with this astrological placement. The Cancer Moon has great depth of feeling, and frequently, the way I like to phrase it - "Marshmallow heart." The balance point for this sign is working with the crustacean's carapace and the soft, gooey interior, all at the same time. The crab's emotional shell will, at times, appear crunchy and crusty, but that just protects a creamy nougat heart. There's a playful, creative, intuitive side to this type of lunar placement. Therein is the good news. Embracing those qualities is the challenge, but in attempting to do so, therein is the reward. One of the bigger challenges is that the Cancer (Moon Child) energy tends to emulate its symbol, the crab. Pulling into the shell for emotional protection is safe, but never lets anyone -- anything -- else in. This kind of struggle is an indication of desires for intimacy but a need to keep distant and protected, at the same time. Back to the crab's tough exoskeleton (the shell). There's an odd kind of lazy streak also associated with this moon placement. Perhaps lazy isn't the most correct term, but there's a certain sense of pleasure being more important, and "No, I can't really be bothered, as it is too much work" being an overarching sentiment. This prognosis, coming from a very lazy and indolent Sagittarius like myself, there's a difference. The Cancer Moon tends to be a little more circumspect, less about sheer procrastination and more about prolonged interactions.

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