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Another everything but the kitchen sink haul

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I have another large makeup and household haul what ever fit in a large usps box will gladly add regardless of bids....
i have for you:

1.(1) box disposible gloves
2.(5) reuseable face masks
3.plant food for aquarium
4.sunbeam allkaline batteries
5.tubeless tire valves eye glass or shades case
7.(4) wheels
8.airpod covers
9.eraser tips
10.cable connectors
11.white sneaker strings
12.airwick warmer
13.paparazzi earring and neckless airpod case
15.round silver key chain holder
16.large key holders
17.two small spray bottles
18.hand sani wipes
19.metal pipe holder
20.micellar cleansing water
21.egg cream mask
22.sephora mud mask sample pack
23.vanilla coconut body lotion
24.(2) nail polishes essie and vinylux
25.small facial bar soap
26.(4) skincare products
27.loreal brow styless (blonde)
28.olay facial cleansing wipe
29.(3) pack patene hair treatment shot
30.(9) different bottle of perfumes large and small
31.(1) avon bath bomb

That's all for now ladies if i come across more it will be added as long as it fits in the box....its already full but i will stuff it....

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  • May 5th 2021, 8:02 AM
    Just added a few more item....thanks for watching and your bids so far

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  • May 5th 2021, 8:10 AM
    1,added two container spray caps
    2.gillette treo
    3.cell phone cover
    4.purple masking tape
    5.eos shave cream +moisturizer
    6,(11) skincare and makeup samples

    There u have it ladies.....i might can add a few more items to this large usps box,,, will see....

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  • May 5th 2021, 8:25 AM
    i forgot the fitbug...brand new no can get the manual online...just type in fitbug fb990 manual....
  • May 6th 2021, 4:03 PM
    Just added ...... secret cool waterlily...
    Brow blades.....and two Yardley body wash samples

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  • May 7th 2021, 11:59 AM
    Here the latest add on
    2 replacement Water filter
    Drain snake
    Portable door lock
    8 pack wooden pencil
    That's it for today add on

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  • Original
    Props tag95
    Very lovely ♥️

    Nice auction 2
    Props tag37
    thank you zarifasabah......also thanks for bidding.....
  • Original
    Props tag60
    i am on this i got my biding shoes on . lol
    Props tag37
    thanks babarbara....tie them up and let
  • Original
    Props tag60
    i plain on it
    Props tag37
    come back tomorrow will be adding more to this....
  • Original
    Props tag75
    Nice auction

    Heart 4
    Props tag37
    thank you glad you like
  • Original
    Props tag62
    How awesome! Love the listing title it actually made me LOL
  • Original
    Props tag37
    (lol) i like using it when i have a variety of things to give away....
  • Original
    Props tag36
    Oh this one is going be a good one
    Props tag37
    thanks adanalberto7....i am going to do my best...
  • Picture?type=square&access token=105469222550%7cd qfyki0ggnddypmnoq3ykmtsyq
    Props tag13
    But how much is the kitchen sink
    Props tag37
    if i can find a box for it i would send it just time to get rid of this stuff....
  • Original
    Props tag60
    lol too fumy friends
    Props tag37
    loving the comments.....
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    Props tag81
    Nice auction and assortment, bidding
    Props tag37
    thanks dragonballgirl424.....come on down
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    Props tag5
    Great lovely
    Props tag37
    Thank u spirit_one glad u like
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