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Huge lot all new winner takes all!! 11 items total!! Plus possible bonuses!! Happy bidding!!

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All new!!
Winner takes all!!
If bidding goes good I will add more items daily depending on the bidding so bid away!! And if gin is used you will receive bonuses including a large Estee Lauder Makeup bag oversized gold makeup case 10 inches width 12 inches length and 5 or 6 inches height. All items in this auction will fit in here and I will stuff it completely full with lots more items only when gin is used.
!Good luck and God Bless All!!
1. 5x5 inch Glitter Galore Luxe Collection Pallette by Beauty Treats. Designed in California USA

2. Blush and eyeshadow pallete 5x9 inches

3 Unicorn glitter Glamierre Pallette 5x 6 inches

4. Beauty Treats 9x 4 inches 24 sparkle Pallette

5.Beauty Treats matte Blush Pallette 9x 4 inches

6.Nabi color fix Blush Pallette 6x 4 inches

7. Profusion pearl eyeshadow and Blush Pallette 8 x 5 inches

8. Solstice pigment Pallette colour spell 6x4 inches

9. Beauty Treats glimmer glitz Pallette 7x6 inches

10. Cherimoya showstopper glitter gel shadow trio Pallette 4x3 inches

11. Set of 3 rose makeup brushes by Beauty muse pro box is 10x3 inches

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  • Jun 5th 2021, 2:11 PM
    Let's get the bidding going!! If the bid hits 20,000 or over by Monday the 7th at noon i will add several more items!! Also please feel free to comment with items you would like me to add. Maybe some more makeup brushes, lipsticks, Victoria's secrets and bath and body works body sprays? Just comment and give me some ideas. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and God bless!!

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    Props tag73
    Thanks!! But you definitely have me beat!! I love all your clothing auctions!! Cute clothes , low starting bids and just a really nice variety!! Definitely bidding on the one I commented on:)
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    Props tag26
    Can you drop the price down please
    Props tag73
    The starting bid is extremely low. You can sell a $1.00 Amazon gift card and get 950 points no problem. So basically the starting bid is 10 cents
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    Props tag63
    So many sparkles, so many beautiful items! Watching this one closely! Already ur fan, of course! LOL :)
    Props tag73
    I know! Lol thanks so much!! I love sparkling things!! Already a fan of yours too!! Nice hello kitty auction you have listed:)
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    Props tag63
    Awwwweee thanks bunches! xoxo
    Props tag73
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    Props tag70
  • Original
    Props tag67
    deitracalhoun always asks someone to lower the price, then never bids? Always does it on makeup auctions. Love this auction! So much sparkle! ☺
    Props tag73
    Thank you! And the starting bid was extremely low! Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)
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