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New GoSafe 260 rearview mirror dash cam camera

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The GoSafe 260 is perfect for the individual that would rather use a rearview mirror and dash cam combination in place of their car's rearview mirror. The vivid results along with the crystal, clear capture rate of this is astounding. Clipping it on to your car's stock rearview mirror is seamlessly done with amazing results. The 2.7" screen captures a wide range with stunning quality. With an anti-glare mirror you will avoid any obtrusive lighting from the cars behind you and stay safer on the road.

Features & details
Record Full HD 1080P high resolution video with loop recording. Turns on automatically when car engine is on.
2.7" large display can be switched off while driving. The feature of Zoom +/- allows the driver to zoom in or out for capturing footage of a car's license plate.
While driving on the road, it happens that somebody’s headlights are excessively bright, creating an awful glare in your rear view mirror. This situation could be annoying for you and could be extremely dangerous. The GoSafe 260 comes with a mirror that automatically filters the extra bright beams of a car's headlights behind you. The mirror tends to have a darker grayish appearance than most stock rearview mirrors and you may need some time to get used to it, the benefit is that it detects bright light and automatically dims the reflection.
Enlarged mirror surface gives drivers better viewing angle of the rear.
Motion Detection Mode: When parked, the device will detect motion and start to record video.

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    Happy Memorial Day
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    9 days left. Goodnight luck and happy bidding.
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    Back at cha!
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    Nice :) Hope you are doing good! I wanted to stop in and say hello :)
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    I just saw your auction last night. Was wondering if you would be back to selling soon. I miss your makeup auctions. I’m doing alright, how about yourself?
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    I'm doing pretty good. I miss trading on Listia a lot but at the same time, it seems that nothing is trading for fair value here anymore. I mean, not even higher end items seem to be in much demand here anymore. I'll finish up my growing auction but I doubt I'll be listing to much any time soon. I'm thinking about trying Mercari in place of Listia. But I would be happy to add some awesome makeup to my growing auction if bidding would actually happen. But I just very much doubt that will happen at this point. Anyway,... Big Hugs XOXO
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    I Know the Feeling; it's Hit or Miss on here, that's why if I Really want something for it, I'll Set the a minimum Bid at the Least I'll Take for it!$! Listia is Definitely Not what it used to be; I Remember Selling the First Star Note on Here a Long Time ago, people went Insane!$! I used to get Good Credits for Stuff I didn't Even Care about; would have Insane Bids on Stuff that Really had Value, and the Other Sellers didn't Try to get 2 or 3 Times the Value with All these Gin Only Options Either!$! It's Supposed to be about Giving Back, and being Able to get what You want!$! This is Actually the Only Way I can get Gifts for those I Care about; I can't Afford to Buy it, so I Rely on Sells to be Able to Purchase Meaningful Gifts!$!
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    I agree, it definitely changed. I buy a lot of birth and Christmas gifts on here.
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    Really Cool Auction; Not Sure if I'll have Enough Credits, but I'm Definitely Keeping my Eye on this!$!
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    Yeah, I agree. I’m disappointed lately with the points I’ve been getting for great stuff. Maybe one day things will pick back up. I fear I won’t get much for this item.
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    Ships US?
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