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New Pewter Dog Magnets and Key Chains

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This auction is for a New pewter magnet or key chain. Discription of each item ( breed of dog) listed below. The starting bid is for one pewter dog magnet or key chain only. (To be choosen from individually pitcutred items only. Within 3 days from end of auction). Gin gets 3 items winners choice. ( chosen from the individual pictured items only. Within 3 days of auctions end). This auction is free shipping. I ship in the USA only. I ship to listia verified addresses only. All listia rules apply.

Following 3 are available in magnet or key chain
1. Welsh Terrier
2. Wire Haired Fox Terrier
3. Airedale

The following 4 are available as key chains only
1. Bull Terrier
2. German Shorthaired Pointer
3. English Springer Spaniel
4. Borzoi

The following 14 are available as magnets only
1. Brussels Griffon
2. Saluki
3. Puli
4. Jack Russell Terrier
5. Great Dane
6. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
7. Skye Terrier
8. Fox Terrier
9. Whippet
10. Norwegian Elkhound
11. Italian Greyhound
12. Bouvier Des Flandres
13. Briard
14. Basenji

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    Props tag30
    These are awesome!! Wish you had a Great Pyrenees
    Props tag71
    They are really nice. Unfortunately these all I've found so far. Going thru 80 years of stuff. My parents accumulated. So might find more. Will add any and all I find.
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