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Old, Unique, Carved Santa Candy Cane Home Decoration, Holiday Decoration, Must see!

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-This was a Fun find. I was going through all my grandparents old Xmas box and I found this.
-Has to be over 30+ years old.
-It’s carved, seems like some kind of resin or maybe it’s wood sealed with some kind of sealant. Santa face, with hat and long beard.
-5 Inches Long
-Just a very Interesting, Unique item to add to your Vintage Collectables!

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  • Oct 8th 2021, 9:07 AM

    Smoke free home. Any questions please PM me or leave a comment.

    ✅Please see ALL my other auctions!
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    ❌If you leave bad feedback because YOU did not read my auction entirely, I will also extend my invite to you as well.
    ❌NO Buyers Remorse!
    ❌Do NOT Bid if you can not pay!!!!
    ❌NOT ALL items are sent with tracking, so if you are not honest and leave feedback after receiving, you will also be blocked.
    ✅ALL items are Cleaned and Sanitized before they are shipped out.
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    ✅Listia is FUN, let's keep it that way!

    Happy Bidding All, God Bless and TY all for stopping by❤️️
  • Oct 8th 2021, 8:31 PM
    Hey all and thanks for watching / bidding on my auctions!

    I tried to do some research on him but so far I can’t find anything at all!

    I’m thinking he’s a rare item…..I’m gonna keep looking though.

    If anyone out there knows anything please let me know! I always like learning. Out the old pieces I find!!
  • Oct 14th 2021, 8:27 AM
    Hello all! And a happy Thursday to everyone!

    I did some research on Google, suggested by a kind Listia member, and I found this may be an
    Unfinished pecan resin Santa cane.
    I did not some across any that looked exactly like it, but some that were close.
    So I just wanted to post that info.
    It’s also been in my family for a long long time, so I’m still going to call it Vintage or possible Antique…..

    Thank you all again for your Support By Watching commenting and bidding!

    Many blessings to All!

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    Props tag98
    Wow sis. This is magnetic. As always. HIGHLY recommend you hugs
    Props tag64
    Awwwwww ty so much sis! It’s def a vintage treasure, very unique item for sure. Xoxo sis!
  • Original
    Props tag69
    Hi. I found a few items that seem close...Google: 'pecan resin unfinished Santa cane'
    Props tag64
    Amazing! Ty I will look with the description and list what I find. Ty so very much ❤️
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    Props tag32
    Props tag64
    Hello, and ty for your interest.
    You are welcome to message me with your offer for me to consider.
    Thank you so much!
  • Original
    Props tag68
    very pretty great work
    Props tag64
    Thank yoy! But I can’t take credit, I did not create this vintage beauty.
  • Original
    Props tag58
    Very impressive
    Props tag64
    Hey You!!! How are you?!
    How’s the family? So nice to see you and ty ❤️
  • Original
    Props tag58
    We are all good, going to take my real estate test Wednesday. Hope I pass. How about you?
    Props tag64
    That’s awesome! I will send good vibes and prayers your way, I know you can do it. You must message me and tell me how it went :)
    We are good! Just busy with home school and such, you know the life of a mommy, keeping the family running smooth!!
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