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Butterfly Crocks

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Brand New Butterfly Crocks
Size 8.
Never been worn or tried on.
Listia points for payment.

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  • Oct 11th 2021, 2:59 PM
    Brand New Croc ook a likes.
    These are not croc brand. They look like Crocs
    Brand new never been on a foot.
    Listia points as payment.

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  • Original
    Props tag78
    Hi - Do you have another pair of these?? Your listing for them ended with a winner on Thursday 10/7. Thanx
    Props tag12
    Yes ma'am
  • Original
    Props tag78
    Never mind I see the others were a different color than these. But you may want to say "Crocs Style", since these are not genuine "CROCS", they don't have the logo ;D
    Props tag12
    Thank you, I never thought of that. I will change it.
  • Original
    Props tag70
    Crocs or not they serve the same purpose. My daughter has been begging me to try a pair! These are gorgeous hun! Great auction
    Props tag12
    Thank you and good luck
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