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Yes 1 point start and free shipping :)
100 Forever stamps, NEW not used, could be a mixture of designs, will be sheets. Plus bonus, I always add extra stamps, poly mailers (exact ones in picture), could be anything extra I add with that also.
✔ • All Listia rules apply
✔ • Rudeness on any auctions gets blocked from mine
✔ • Once received, mark received and leave feedback not doing so gets blocked from me
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    Nice auction
    Thank you, and now is the perfect time to list stamps even though 2022 there is no postal increase (2023 will have 2 increases twice a year from then on). I now people like to get greeting cards out. I probably have over 1200 stamps, maybe closer to 1300. So some I put on here and some keep. This site is perfect for stamp lovers many send snail mail on here. But it always amazes me how stamps go higher then gold even lol, when gold scraps higher then stamps worth, and they more But thanks for stopping by and spreading sunshine. I will make sure to check out your goodies as well :) Have a blessed week and stay safe.
  • Original
    @milieg65 I was wrong just double checked it, No increase on stamps of January 2022 but will have one July 2022 and then twice a year increase starting in 2023 :)
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