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August 27, 2014

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Caring for medically fragile children can be both emotionally and financially challenging.

Contributing to this organization will help to assist children living at home with their families as well as those living at Angela's House. Thank you for your support!

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In 1992, the non for profit Angela's House, was created to offer families and professionals an agency to call to help medically frail children and their families. Angela's House has helped to simplify home care options for families by coordinating the extensive array of services needed to support medically frail children at home.

Angela's House has worked very hard to create new programs and opportunities for medically frail children. The doors of our first home Angela's House located in East Moriches opened in the fall of 2000 in a culmination of a ten-year effort by Bob Policastro. This special home for children is the first of its kind. Named after his daughter, this beautiful home offers a loving environment with 24-hour nursing care. Once funding was secured, with the help of Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg, Angela's House worked in collaboration with IGHL, Independent Group Home Living, to build and operate this home. This collaborative effort became the foundation of an affiliation between two agencies. IGHL is recognized as a leader in providing services for people with developmental disabilities. They operate close to 40 homes, multiple day programs and many other supportive programs. This affiliation has forged a new road for the future, using expertise of both agencies to help more families into the future. In the Spring of 2005, they opened our second home in Smithtown.
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