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August 30, 2016

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Livestrong fights for the more than 32.6 million people around the world affected by cancer now. They provide direct services, connect people and communities with the services they need, and call for state, national and world leaders to help fight the disease.

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Helping cancer survivors and their loved ones has been the goal of Livestrong from day one. They believe in putting the survivor first, and that is why they created tools and resources to help ease the challenges of a cancer diagnosis including:

  • Cancer Support Services: free one-on-one support to cancer survivors, caregivers and loved ones.
  • Community Programs: community programs to address the day-to-day concerns of survivors.
  • System Change: partnerships with institutions and policymakers to change the way the world fights cancer.

Patient-centered care means treating the whole person- emotionally, physically and practically. A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming between deciding on treatment, figuring out finances, and dealing with fear and emotional concerns. Livestrong makes sure people and families get the person-centered care they need, at the time when they need it.
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