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September 30, 2016

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The Family Giving Tree envisions a world where every child is made to feel like a valuable part of their community through a shared belief in the power of giving.

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The Family Giving Tree fulfills the exact holiday wishes and provides backpacks filled with school supplies to those children in the most need in our communities while inspiring the values of kindness, philanthropy and volunteerism.

25 years after its founding, the Family Giving Tree is the largest gift and backpack donation program in California, having served more than 1,000,000 children and individuals living in need here in the Bay Area.
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Top Superstar Donors Donated
1st Original 8,500
2nd Original 5,500
3rd Original 3,350
4th Original 3,000
5th Original 1,800
6th Original 1,700
7th Original 1,300
8th Original 1,200
9th Original 1,100
10th Original 1,100