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November 17, 2016

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Shoes That Fit is helping children in need in thousands of schools across America. Over 1.4 million pairs of new shoes and other necessities have been raised and distributed and that number continues to grow.

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The mission of Shoes That Fit is to provide new shoes for children in need so they can attend school in comfort and with dignity, better prepared to learn and play. Shoes That Fit is run almost entirely by volunteers working to help children in their own communities across the U.S. They do this by matching a sponsoring group - a business, school, church, civic organization or even a group of friends - with schools near them that have children in need. New shoes that are appropriate for school help these children fit in, allowing them to concentrate on their studies rather than their circumstances.

Accepting no government funding whatsoever, and with over 90% of contributions going directly to school children through an impressive network of volunteer-run local grassroots chapters, Shoes That Fit is uniquely efficient and effective in its life-changing operations.
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