A New Cryptocurrency for Marketplaces - Listia.com Auctions for Free Stuff

A New Cryptocurrency for Marketplaces

A new currency called Ink (XNK) is coming to Listia!
Listia Credits will convert to XNK in early 2018*

Any marketplace generic 1

Use Ink on Listia & More

You can transfer Ink in and out of Listia.
Use it on marketplaces like Craigslist,
FB, and many others soon!
Ink token

Real Value

Like Bitcoin, Ink is a cryptocurrency that
has real value. You can start selling
your items to earn Ink right away.
Feedback 5

Own Your Reputation

Ink has built-in escrow, mediation, and
reputation. Take your feedback with you
to safely buy or sell anywhere!

Start Earning

All Listia members can start earning future XNK now!
$1 of Credit will become $1 of XNK at launch*

Learn more about Ink at PayWithInk.com

*Exact date pending. Purchased credits are excluded. You can still spend them on Listia, but cannot convert purchased credits to XNK.