How It Works

Turn clutter into credits.
Use credits to get things you'll love!

Box of stuff

1) Declutter

Sell all the stuff you don't use -
from DVDs to clothing to toys,
for free!

2) Earn Credits

Rack up credits when others
buy your items.

3) Reward Yourself

Spend credits to get free stuff you'll love
from millions of members -
or turn your credits into real money!

Start Here

...and get 1,000 free credits!

How Else Can I Get Credits?

  • 1,000

    Sign Up

    Your first 1,000 credits are on us - simply sign up to earn them!
  • 1,000

    Get Your Feet Wet

    We’ll instantly give you another 1,000 credits your first item.
  • unlimited!

    Give Away More Stuff

    Continue earning credits by listing all the stuff you don’t use.
  • 50,000

    Invite Friends

    Listia is more fun with friends! We’ll give you 50,000 credits for every friend you invite once they complete their first listing.
  • unlimited!

    Click Around!

    Discover hidden rewards throughout the site! You might win bonus credits for things like listing, bidding, commenting and messaging.
  • 4,000

    Connect with a Verified Facebook Account

    We’ll help you share your listings and discoveries when you connect your verified Facebook account - and we’ll throw in some bonus credits for doing so!
  • 100

    Connect with Twitter

    Link your Twitter account to easily share links to your listings or brag about cool items you’ve won, and earn 100 credits!