Rules - Auctions for Free Stuff


Things to Keep in Mind

We're committed to building a trustworthy community where everyone has fun and treats others the way they want to be treated.

Almost everyone in our community is both a buyer and a seller, so consider these helpful guidelines:


  1. Carefully read listing information and descriptions before bidding.
  2. When you win an item, provide your stored Shipping Address for the Seller (avoid manually entering your address in listing messages/emails).
  3. PayPal (with PayPal Purchase Protection) is the safest way to pay for shipping. Remember that PayPal Purchase Protection is available only when you elect to "pay for goods and services," as opposed to "send money to friends or family" on PayPal.
  4. Send your shipping information and any applicable shipping fees to the seller when you win so you can receive your items more quickly. Be sure to do so within 4 days of paying for your item.


  1. Provide simple and concise titles, clear photos (avoid stock images), and detailed descriptions.
  2. Provide one of the following shipping methods: Free Shipping, Exact Shipping, Flat Rate Shipping, or Digital Delivery.
  3. Agree to follow through on your listing regardless of the final bid amount.
  4. Agree to follow through on your listing regardless of who wins your item.
  5. Allow 4 days after payment has been made to hear back from a buyer before relisting.
  6. Securely package item(s) for safe delivery. We highly recommend providing delivery/tracking confirmation.

Prohibited Items

To protect our community, we've created a list of prohibited items and reserve the right to delete any listings containing or related to the following items without notice. Additionally, we reserve the right to delete listings that appear to be illegal, fake, fraudulent, misleading, and incomplete or duplicates at our discretion. We also reserve the right to delete any listings that we deem inappropriate for Listia without notice or explanation. Violating these rules may result in a temporary suspension and repeated violations may result in a permanent account ban.

In selling or buying items on Listia, it is the individual's responsibility to uphold any contracts or conditions tied to the item. Because Listia is not a party to these contracts, we do not review, enforce or otherwise act on any contractual terms set forth by the item's manufacturer, including restrictions on sale or transfer of the item.

* In order to best serve our users, Listia's account as well as some Sponsor accounts are exempt from certain listing and prohibited item rules.

  • Adult Items & Toys
    • Anything you won't find in a typical drug store or supermarket
    • Sexually explicit material and items (erotic entertainment magazines, illustrations, real and animated photos/videos with nudity and intent for arousal/eroticism, items that resemble body parts)
    • Allowed: erotic books that do not contain images, illustrated/animated content that is primarily intended for educational purposes (eg: instructions on how to breastfeed your newborn)
  • Alcohol
    • Not allowed
  • Cigarettes & Tobacco
    • e-Cigarettes and cartridges, glass/metal/ceramic/plastic/hookah pipes
    • Transdermal patches that contain nicotine
    • Seeds for tobacco, hemp or marijuana
    • Allowed: New e-Cigarette holders and chargers (as long as they don't come with their cartridges or any nicotine products), memorabilia, posters, collectible packaging, cigarette rolling paper, tobacco grinder, wood/resin pipes intended for use with pipe tobacco
  • Classified Ads
    • You shouldn't use your listing as a classified ad
  • Contests, Sweepstakes, Lotteries
    • Including charity auctions
  • Copyrighted Materials
    • Devices (music players, digital reading devices) advertised with copyrighted digital media preloaded
    • Virtual goods (any non-physical objects purchased for use in online communities or online games)
    • Unauthorized use of copyrighted/trademarked materials
    • Allowed: if you legally own the content or are authorized to sell it by the owner, an authorized agent of the owner, or the law, then you are permitted to sell the item on Listia as long as it is a physical item. Digital codes used to download content (movies, games) through legitimate channels are allowed. See Digital Delivery for more information
  • Coupons
    • Not allowed
  • Credit & Debit Cards
    • Including Prepaid credit & debit cards (or money gift cards) from American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa
    • Prepaid cards that have restrictions or fees
  • Currency or Offers to Pay the Winner
    • Anything made from currency (eg: paper currency folded into origami)
    • Virtual currencies
    • Genuine casino poker chips
    • Allowed: collectible currency (elaborate in listing), out-of-circulation currency, replica coins, Joss papers ("Chinese Hellnotes"), cryptocurrency (must be on-chain transactions)
  • Digital Goods
  • Discount or Promo Codes
    • My Coke Rewards
    • Allowed: unique one-time use codes and certain rewards points, Ultraviolet digital download code/copy, Box Tops for Education, Redbox codes, Xbox Live 48hr Codes
  • Drugs
    • Not allowed
  • Expired Goods
    • Anything that has expired and is no longer safe to use
  • Firearms, Weapons, Certain Types of Knives & Explosives
    • Stun gun, pepper spray, bb guns (metal ammo), starter pistols, dart gun, nunchucks, brass knuckles, PR 24 batons, taser gun
    • Commonly illegal knives such as automatic knives, push knives, butterfly knives, switchblades, etc
    • Allowed: kitchen knives, airsoft (plastic ammo) guns, sterilized, unused or new needles (for tattoos, ear-piercing, etc), collectible swords/knives, bow & arrow, chainsaw, gun accessories/parts (as long as the item listed is not a full weapon), Kubotan, letter openers, lighters, spear gun, spring-assisted knives
  • Gift Cards With Fees
    • Any gift cards that have mandatory fees or service charges, including gift cards with strict rules or too many restrictions (eg:
    • Including any gift cards under $1
  • Illegal Items
    • Any device that is illegal to own, sell or possess (eg: cell phone jammer)
  • Ingestible Items
    • Food & beverages
    • Anything that can be ingested or applied to one's mouth including toothpaste, etc...(by humans or pets/animals) eg: teeth whitening strips and mouthwash
    • Allowed: Pez dispensers(s) containing candy, over the counter medical remedies not intended to be ingested, cat toys with enclosed catnip inside the toy, herbs (as long as it's not listed for consumption)
  • Intangible Goods, Trash
    • Including any other items that Listia deems unsuitable for the site
  • Invite Codes to Illegal Sites or to Sites That Are Readily Available
    • We may limit invite codes to certain sites at our discretion
    • Allowed: rare and hard-to-get codes at our discretion
  • Links, References or Solicitations to Outside Sites, Companies, Organizations, Groups, Newsletters or Mailing Lists
    • Any links, URLs, usernames, or references to the above in your listing title, description or other fields are prohibited
    • A referral link, even if sending within an informative email
    • Celebrities' personal information (address, phone number, etc...)
    • Allowed: links provided purely for clarification or further description of the item listed (eg: not to a store or business) or trustworthy charitable organizations; links are allowed if they are accompanied with the main auction item. A link cannot be the sole item delivered.
  • Livestock, Pets & Animals
    • Including unfinished animal parts such as pelt or skin, ivory, whale teeth
    • Allowed: finished products (eg: jewelry, etc), feathers, taxidermy
  • Medicine (Prescription and/or Non-Prescription)
    • Topical flea treatments for animals
    • All forms of contact lenses
    • Transdermal medication
    • Oral medication that may be ingested (eg: Orajel)
    • Allowed: flea collars, blood glucose strips, catheter tube (new only), lancets, empty prescription containers with no label
  • Non-Transferrable Items
    • Instawatch links
  • Offensive/Objectionable Material
    • Items that Listia deems to be offensive/objectionable by the general public
  • Photos
    • Selfies or ordinary photographs of other people
    • Photographs of everyday items (eg, phones, shoes, laptops, electronics, etc)
    • Anything including nudity or other content with intent to arouse
    • Allowed: at Listia's discretion, photography of artistic or scenic quality. Items that fit this criteria must be physical prints (not digital delivery)
  • Replicas, Fakes, Counterfeit Items & Unauthorized Copies or Illegal Use of Trademarks
    • Any items that cannot be determined to be authentic are prohibited. If you are not sure if it's real, you cannot list it.
    • Official badges, medals, and patches: law enforcement, fireman, government, military, etc...
    • Includes copied CDs, DvDs and other media (Pirated items, hacked/modded games)
    • Fake, forged, and unauthentic sports memorabilia, collectibles or autographed items
    • Allowed: legitimate copies of non-trademarked goods or designs. Authorized pre-printed autographs or autographed items are allowed if you have the rights to accurately reproduce the original signed item and clearly state in the listing that the autograph is pre-printed and not an original. Replica coins are allowed as long as the coin(s) are clearly marked as being a replica/copy and the auction states it very clearly and shows no sign of deception. Fake, novelty or clearly unofficial badges such as plastic or cartoon badges are allowed.
  • Services
    • Listings for real-world services (eg: house cleaning, resume writing, car wash, lawn mowing, doing your taxes, pen pals, etc...)
    • Intangible items where delivery cannot be proven (eg: spells, tarot reading over the phone)
    • Listings that violate the copyright infringement/materials rule (eg: company and commercial copyright for patterns, bottle cap images, photos, etc...)
    • Ordination certificate
    • Shopping sprees and offers to buy items for another member
    • Allowed: tangible custom items that end up as a product (eg photo drawings, necklaces), tarot reading that is tangible (hard copy versions given to user)
  • Software CD Keys, Serial Numbers & Licenses
    • OEM software (intended to be used with the original hardware)
    • Hacking software (eg: Windows password removal tool)
    • Allowed: OEM software packaged w/ OEM hardware
  • Subscriptions
    • Any recurring subscription that requires Seller to fulfill the subscription for the Winner (eg: magazines, medication, etc...)
  • Used Health & Beauty Items
    • Some used items due to sanitary reasons (eg: used breast pump, used nail polish)
    • Make-up that uses an applicator to touch any body part to apply
    • Allowed: perfume, cologne, lotion, sterilized new needles (e.g. tattoo needles, piercing needles, etc...), nebulizer (new only), TENS unit
  • Used Underwear & Swimwear
    • Used cloth diapers
    • Allowed: bras, tops (bikini tops, swim shirts, etc...), baby swimwear worn over diapers or other clothing
  • User Accounts for Listia or Other Sites
    • Transfer of Ink/Points from one account to another
    • Creating private or reserve auctions

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Listing Content

The listing page is where most buyers will get information to help them decide if they want to bid on your item or not. The content on this page should focus on describing the item(s) and any detail about the terms of the transaction. Your listing may be removed or edited if any of the following rules are violated. The following are not allowed in your listings:

  1. Links, references or solicitations to outside sites, companies, organizations, groups, newsletters or mailing lists. Any links, URLs, usernames, or references to the above in your listing title, description or other fields are prohibited. Exceptions: links provided purely for clarification or further description of the item listed (ie, not to a store or business) or trustworthy charitable organizations.
  2. Description of your seller status or inclusion of any artwork/expressions in the Title or Location field. For example, including "Trusted Seller" or "bid with confidence" is not allowed. Your Listia badges will reflect your seller status appropriately.
  3. Conflicting or misleading product information, including misleading or unrelated words in your title or description.
  4. Misrepresented items.
  5. Mystery listings that do not describe, in detail, what each possible item is. Each possible item must adhere to all of Listia's existing rules. The listing title may state "Mystery Auction" or "Mystery Listing."
  6. Additional rules that are inconsistent with or add on top of Listia's existing rules.
  7. Unnecessary repetition of Listia's rules may be subject to editing or removal.
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Shipping and Handling

Please make sure to specify shipping costs and any related service charges in your listings. It is against our rules to provide unclear or misleading shipping information or to charge unreasonable fees for shipping and related services. This also applies to total shipping charges when providing combined shipping across multiple listings. A seller is not required to offer combined shipping, but is encouraged to work with potential bidders. Any mutually agreed upon arrangement must be honored. The maximum shipping price for your listing must be displayed within your listing shipping details. Further discounts from this price may be outlined in the listing description.

If you specify Free Shipping for your listing, it must be unconditional. This means that you cannot add conditions within your listing for shipping to be free. You also cannot exclude certain regions within your specified shipping zone unless required by law.

For listings that include Flat or Exact shipping options for buyers, sellers may only accept the following payment methods:

  • PayPal

Sellers may not offer additional payment methods, but may state in their listing's description which of the above methods are accepted (eg, a seller may say "I accept PayPal only"). If a seller does not list specific payment methods, then they are required to accept all the above methods from their winner, and failure to do so justifies a full credit/Ink/Points refund to the winner. When accepting PayPal, a seller must be open to all payment sources and options (eg, a seller may not only accept bank/debit transfers, and may not require that buyers use the "gift" or "friends/family" option). Learn more about how to protect yourself as a buyer when paying shipping charges here.

You cannot state that you are not responsible for safe arrival of the item or ensuring that items are delivered as described. For example, you cannot state "I am not responsible for this item once I ship it out". It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure the listed item gets to the buyer.

The seller is fully responsible for securely packaging and shipping the item to ensure against damage or loss from normal shipping practices.

Adding a tracking number or delivery confirmation is highly suggested since it is the only way to protect the seller in case the package is missing. Tracking is usually free with UPS, FedEx and USPS Priority when buying postage online.

Listings that do not adhere to these rules may be removed or refunded if they have already ended. If you spot a listing with misleading or grossly excessive shipping charges, please report them to us by clicking the "flag" link.

The best way to deal with high shipping charges is to avoid bidding on those listings. If nobody bids, the seller is discouraged from charging high shipping rates.

You may only charge for:

  1. Actual shipping cost (exact amount, including sales tax or govt. fees charged by the shipping company)
  2. Handling cost (packaging, materials, insurance, etc.)
  3. Delivery confirmation and extra services (tracking, signature, etc.)

In addition, we impose maximum shipping & handling charges for the following items to prevent overcharging:

Maximum Shipping & Handling Costs* for select items:

  • DVDs, CDs, VHS, Cassettes, Vinyl
    Maximum Domestic Standard Shipping: $5
  • Books
    Maximum Domestic Standard Shipping: 7$
  • Video Games, Software, Computer Games
    Maximum Domestic Standard Shipping: $6
  • Jewelry
    Maximum Domestic Standard Shipping: $7

* you may charge more than the listed amount if your exact shipping cost is actually higher and can be verified via weight/dimensions etc.

We encourage users to offer Free Shipping whenever possible or simply to charge exact shipping costs, but we do understand that there may be packaging costs, insurance etc. involved so we know that flat rate shipping is often easier for everyone involved.

If an item arrives requiring additional postage due, the winner can either refuse the item and have the item sent back to the seller for a refund of their credits/Ink/Points, or if the winner pays USPS to receive the item, then the credits/Ink/Points will be advanced to the seller.

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Digital Delivery

When listing digital items such as electronic gift cards, digital codes, cryptocurrency, or any other digital item that will be transferred online, you must select the "digital delivery" option. This will help people find your items and prevent confusion about whether the item will be shipped physically or delivered electronically. Additionally, digital items should not be listed with physical delivery options such as "free shipping" or "local pickup" and must abide by all other rules regarding ownership, copyright, etc. Listings with incorrect delivery options may be edited or deleted.

In order to list an item with digital delivery, it must meet one of the requirements below:

  1. The item can be used or claimed, and upon use, no longer has value and cannot be reused. Examples include ultraviolet movie codes, gift cards, rewards codes and subscription codes for services like Xbox Live.
  2. The item being listed is a cryptocurrency and delivery is an on-chain transaction from the seller to the buyer's wallet (Email addresses will not count as on-chain transactions).

Below are examples of items that do not meet these criteria and therefore cannot be listed:

  1. Digital recipes, ebooks and other informational/instructional content (DIY, jailbreaking instructions, patterns, tips/advice, etc)
  2. Software or digital content that is freely available online
  3. All digital media/content, regardless of copyright ownership and resale/distribution rights (published ebooks, photography, music)
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Shipping Addresses

All users must store address(es) in their Shipping Address section. A saved shipping address field is the only means through which a buyer should share his or her personal information with the seller. As a buyer, you can store one or more addresses and reuse them to tell sellers where you'd like your items shipped. So instead of pasting (or re-typing) your address in a message every time you win an item, you'll simply choose one of your pre-entered addresses, eliminating typos and saving time! An additional benefit is that we standardize abbreviations, correct misspellings, and add in zip codes, to minimize shipping errors.

While messages can still be used for general communication between buyer and seller, they should not be used for sharing shipping information. In the event of a dispute, if we discover that a buyer or seller has not used the proper method for sharing shipping information, it is unlikely that the dispute will be resolved in their favor.

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Shipping Time Frames

We encourage users to communicate promptly with one another when listings end, but here are the maximum time frames.

  • Winner
    1. Unless otherwise agreed upon by both the winner and seller, you must contact the seller within 4 days of providing payment and provide your approved shipping address (if applicable) and shipping payment (if applicable)
    2. For example, if you pay for your item on Thursday, you have until the next Monday to contact the seller with your shipping info
    3. If you fail to do so, the seller may re-list the item and keep any credits/Ink/Points earned
    4. As always, we encourage you to contact the seller promptly and well before the limit to ensure a smooth transaction
  • Seller
    1. Unless otherwise agreed upon by both the winner and seller after the listing has ended, you must ship items out within 7 days from the day you receive the winner's approved shipping address and shipping payment (if applicable)
    2. For example, if you get the shipping address and payment on Tuesday, you have until the next Tuesday to ship
    3. If you fail to do so, the winner will be entitled to a refund in case of a dispute
    4. As always, we encourage you to ship items promptly and well before the limit to ensure a smooth transaction

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Listing Disputes

The following set of guidelines is used when Listia needs to step in to solve a dispute over a listing that has ended. In some cases, we will refund credits/Ink/Points to the winner, and in other cases we will award the credits/Ink/Points to the seller.

  • Credits/Ink/Points Refunded to Winner when:
    1. Seller does not contact or respond to winner in a reasonable amount of time
    2. Seller changes the original terms stated in the listing
    3. Seller intentionally misrepresents the listed item
    4. Seller sends an item that is different than the item listed
    5. Seller does not have a tracking number for a missing package
  • Credits/Ink/Points Awarded to Seller when:
    1. Winner does not contact or respond to seller in a reasonable amount of time
    2. Winner refuses to pay stated shipping charges
    3. Winner backs out or does not want the item anymore
    4. Winner claims a package is missing, but the seller has a valid tracking number

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Automatic relisting is an option when you list an item. In order to keep items on Listia fresh and up-to-date, there is a relist limit of 10 times.

For additional information about Relisting, visit here.

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Listing Limits

General Limitations

At a given time, you may only have a maximum of 100 listings open. This limit is waived however if more than 10% of your most recent 100 listings ended with a winner.


During any rolling 7 day period, a seller is limited in the number of gift cards they can list or sell. Limits are based on the seller's experience:

  • Sellers with the Trusted Seller badge: 10 listings (active, scheduled or ended) during a rolling 7 day period
  • Sellers with the Seller Wings badge: 2 listings (active, scheduled or ended) during a rolling 7 day period
  • All others: 1 listing (active, scheduled or ended) during a rolling 7 day period

Gift Cards

During any rolling 7 day period, a seller is limited in the number of gift cards they can list or sell. Limits are based on the seller's experience:

  • Sellers with the Trusted Seller badge: 10 listings (active, scheduled or ended) during a rolling 7 day period
  • Sellers with the Seller Wings badge: 2 listings (active, scheduled or ended) during a rolling 7 day period
  • All others: 1 listing (active, scheduled or ended) during a rolling 7 day period

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Account Verification

Some item categories are monitored more closely for fraudulent activity. In order to bid on reward points and code items, you must verify either your credit/debit card/bank account information or your phone number. You can verify your active credit/debit card or bank account by making a $1 purchase. We use Paypal to process the transaction, but you don't need a Paypal account to complete verification. Note that transactions for credit card/bank account verification are non-refundable.

To verify, visit

For more information about account verification, go here.

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Violations of any of our policies may result in one or more of the following. If you have any questions about our policies or your account please email us here.

  1. Listing deletion
  2. Account suspension
  3. Partial activity suspension
  4. Forfeit of promotional account credits/Ink/Points
  5. Loss of account privileges
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Account Suspensions & Bans

Users can be suspended from using certain parts of the site such as commenting, private messaging, bidding and listing items. Display of inappropriate behavior can lead to these suspensions without warning. If suspended, users will be notified via email with the details of their suspension. Multiple suspensions and violations can result in a full account ban and loss of access to your account.

We take fraud very seriously, and prohibit the following actions listed below. Credits/Ink/Points obtained from these actions may be taken away without notice. Violations can result in a full account ban and loss of access to your account.

  1. Non-delivery of listed item(s)
  2. A single user signing up for multiple accounts
  3. Creating more than one account on a computer
  4. Creating more than four accounts per household
  5. Shill bidding (when sellers or someone they know places a bid on their listing to drive the price up)
  6. Winning your own listing using separate accounts
  7. Harassing other members through the message system, personal e-mail or any other system
  8. Using hateful/inflammatory language/profanity on the site, in feedback, or in messages
  9. Hacking or exploiting the web site
  10. Accessing the server or web site using scripts, bots or other automated methods
  11. Misusing the site to accumulate credits/Ink/Points, feedback, or to otherwise gain an unfair advantage
  12. Misrepresenting your listings and items
  13. Accumulating credits/Ink/Points fraudulently or unfairly
  14. Accumulating feedback fraudulently or unfairly
  15. Promoting your referral link and/or unrelated listing links via SPAM
  16. Soliciting offline transactions or exchanging any items directly for cash
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Terms and Privacy

For information regarding our Terms and Privacy, visit:

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