Brand NEW Set of 6 Lace Boy Short Underwear

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Brand NEW Set of 6 Lace Boy Short Underwear. These are a size Medium. Any questions just ask! Happy Bidding Everyone!!
Listia VERIFIED addresses ONLY!!
Please make sure you have a VERIFIED address if your Bidding on any of my auctions! If you fail to provide a VERIFIED address 7 days after auction ends I will KEEP credits and RELIST item! Per Listia RULES! If you're not sure how to get VERIFIED just ask!
All I ask from you is if you win any of my auctions PLEASE hit received when you get your item so I can get my credits or you will be BLOCKED from any future auctions! Also PLEASE leave feedback in a timely manner and I will do the same :) Thank you so much :) Any RUDE comments and you will be BLOCKED no questions!
PLEASE feel free to check out my other auctions :) Good Luck and Thanks for stopping by! ❤
PLEASE allow 7 days for shipping! Most of the time I ship the next day but things happen plus I work full time and have 2 children! I ship ALL items with a tracking number!

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    My fav! & comfy. Fanned and Watching. Great auctions
    Awww thank you so much sweetie :) Fanned back & good luck if you decide to bid!!
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    My pleasure & ty as well. GL ☺
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    The item is good and first-rate ! Fanned and watching.....Please Fan Back ! Great Friend ! Thank you very much !
    Aww thank you so much :)
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    Fantastic auction dear Friend
    Aww thank you so much sweetie :)
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    nice auction
    Thank you so much :)
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