Brand New Gift Quality Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: I (LOVE) Heart Minnie (Mouse) DVD

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For birthdays, holidays, schoolvacation: 120 minutes of enchanted animation for little girls and adults alike. Will make a very special present. Join Minnie, Daisy and all your Clubhouse pals for a mousekemagical celebration of friendship and fun. Today is Minnie's birthday, and you're invited! But can Mickey and the gang get everything ready and keep the party under wraps until it's time to shout "Surprise!"? Only if you help them pick the right Mouseketools. Next, jump up on your feet and dance with Daisy in the big talent show at Mickey Park. Then journey to the end of the rainbow to find Leprechaun Pete's pot of gold! Overflowing with music and laughter, I HEART MINNIE is the perfect way to say, "I love you!" It's all about the good happy times!

Special Features
"You're Invited To Minnie's Birthday Party!" --
Prepare For The Big Event, Then Get Set To Dance To The Music


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