!! 3 BNWT Size 5 Panties W/Possibly 4th Pair Of VS PINK BNWT S !!

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3 BNWT size 5/S panties with possible 4th pair BNWT VS size S if the auction reaches 500,000 I'll add the VS PINK ones. All are thongs and very pretty and sexy to boot ;) got luck ladies, if it gets this I'll add the picture of VS PINK S thong....let the bidding begin ;;))

All Listia rules apply....
Verified addresses only....
No refunds....
No buyers remorse....

Any rude comments and you will be blocked....

Good luck ladies, God bless, and let's have some fun ;)

NO GIN don't ask....

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  • Oct 9th 2017, 4:04 PM
    Come on ladies almost there, few more hundred thousand and I'll throw in the VS PINK panties. If it gets to a million I'll throw in two pairs :o

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    So cute I’d wear them I hope to become a girl soon sexchange and boobs
    Good luck ;)
  • Original
    F& w
    Thank you
  • Original
    Awesome Auction....Bidding for that pink pair...lol
    F & W & B
    Thank you
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