You are special Adult coloring Book with awesome saying!

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Start bid is for the Coloring book only a $8.00 value, if you need more pictures to decide to bid please message me here.. Have a great day!
WOW! PLEASE READ READ! I've decided to change the Gin and you will now receive the complete set of sharpies & the adult coloring book with Gin.

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    Watching. :)
    Thanks so very much for viewing my auction, have a wonderful daya! :D
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    Watching for sure my teen loves art and would love this!
    Thanks for stopping by! Coming to check out your site. Have a wonderful day!
  • Original
    Very nice :)
    Once again your the greatest! Thanks for stopping by! Will continue to watch yours as well! :D
  • Original
    Thank you :)
    Nikkig you don't have to comment on all my auctions, if you like them that would be fine. Not that I don't love that you view so many tho! Just thought liking it might be a bit easier LOL. Hope you & yours are doing well.
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    They all are so nice though, I just had to say something. I do understand it's a lot of work to answer all of them a wonderful evening :)
    No, that isn't what I meant! I thought it was a lot for you to have to do. I thought you would just hit like on most and then have time to browse other auctions. I don't ever mind saying hi, or your welcome especially to you! I just was thinking you might miss someone's auction that you may want to bid on. Please don't take what I said in the wrong manner.
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