☆♡21 days to get a huge beauty box!♡☆The higher the bids go, the bigger your box is!☆♡

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First Add-on will be at 500,000 credits. Once this goal is met and product has been added, the next goal will be released.
Starts off with: (5 items)
Julep nail polish (.27 fl oz) in Jonna- It Girl, PINK star petals body mist (2.5 fl oz) *It smells so good!!, W7's (15.6g)"In the Night" Smokey shades eyeshadow palette, Jenna Hipp "Peachy Keen" blush (.20 oz), And last, but not least, a Beauty Treats Glitter Stick in Bronze (.12 oz)
As usual, my items are brand new, never used, and handpicked by me. I will release goals for more add-ons once the bidding takes off. All Listia rules apply!

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  • Oct 14th 2017, 6:04 PM
    It's been a crazy day. Sorry for the delay, full size eyeliner and elf mascara in black have been added. Next add-on at 1 million credits.

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  • Original
    on my watch list. Fantastic auction ☺
    Thank you :) can't wait till bidding gets going so I can add stuff!
  • Original
    Very nice sweetie
    Thank you. Good luck if bidding!
  • Original
    on get it now why is it so much you want due to it don't cost that much to ship or buy
    Actually, shipping a package this size is quite expensive and everything in it is pretty expensive. Some of the things that go in it are $20 a piece. GIN is a whole lot of stuff more than the original 5.
  • Original
    oh sorry I seen you doing the 21 day items
  • Original
    oh okay I understand I just sent a package with hardly much in it and it was 38 to send
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    Just bid 500,000 whatcha adding?
    That's up to the high bidder at 500,000. I just asked her.
  • Picture?type=square
    I just got the bid over a million credits
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