Win up to 150 ☘️ Bead Caps ☘️ Antique Silver or Rose Gold ~NICE BIG bead caps! ~Free US Ship~

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♦ Win multiple listings before I ship ♦
I will send you a BONUS!
❥ ❥ ❥
Step up YOUR jewelry designs in a BIG way with
☘️ gorgeous ☘️
rose-gold and antique silver color bead caps.

Win up to FIVE lots!

These are HEFTY bead caps, not the paper-thin type. Please scroll through my photos for examples of how to use these ...

Pinterest also has excellent design ideas:
This is a ~Tiered~ listing ... the higher the winning bid, the more you win.

You win at least ONE lot
(see below for the lots you can choose).
☘️ You win TWO lots if the bidding hits 259,000 credits
☘️ THREE lots at 359,000 credits
☘️ FOUR at 439,000 credits
☘️ FIVE lots if the bidding hits 499,000 credits ,,, about what you'd pay for a $4 gift card for up to 150 *very* nice quality bead caps!

Your LOT choices are:
❥ 20 large heart bead caps, 10mm, fits up to 20mm beads
❥ 30 small flower-rope bead caps, 6mm, fits up to 10mm beads
❥ 4 large rose-gold, 10x9mm, fits up to 20mm beads
❥ 10 small rose-gold, 6mm, fits up to 12mm beads

I also have a limited quantity of the smaller "pentacle" bead caps if you'd like those.

☘️ Don't want to wait? ☘️
I have these available with Get it Now at EXACTLY the same prices as the tiers in this listing.

Search "natahoa beads" to find my GIN listings for these,
and a LOT of other jewelry-making supplies on one search page!
Please be sure to check out my
★ ~STASH~ listings ★
Choose from more than 50
jewelry-making supplies,
and larger lots at discounted GIN prices!
To see all of my jewelry-supply listings on ONE search page:
♥ type “ natahoa beads ” in the search box

You will see my:
♥ earring wires and headpins/eyepins for making earrings
♥ daisy and round spacer beads
♥ stardust beads in gold and silver
... and more!

I ship First Class with tracking.

Search "natahoa beads" and have fun shopping!

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