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This pc cam is for older windows versions.
This wasn't disclosed in the listing I bought it from on another platform.
And I couldn't get it to come up at all but the software did install.

Comes with booklet, software, stand it mounts onto, and attached USB cord with camera.

I.am starting this out at 450,000 bid equivalent to $16 in listia credits value.

GIN for 600.000 credits equivalent to $21 in listia credits value. A bonus item will be added computer related.

If any issues with this item you have 3 days after receiving it to request a return.

Will combine ship multiple listings won/Gin from me within a 3 day business time frame.

I am an honest seller & buyer on many platforms and you can see I was here on listia as well.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask please allow adequate time for me to respond 3-24 hours.

USA Shipping only No UK No Canada verified addresses only any shipping fees due must be paid through PayPal invoice shipping & handling rounded off to next whole dollar amount.

~~~***Free Shipping USA ONLY***~~~

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  • Original
    Nice auction
    Thank you Kimmie
  • Original
    ONLY zp and older?
    windows 7 and older so win 7, xp, not compatible with win 8 and up I bought it off someone on mercari and it wasn't disclosed so here it is.In the main picture 1st one the side of box tells the specifications for the device in what computer versions it is compatible with.
  • Original
    oops xp
  • Original
    dang think all,ines upgraded grr
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