Win up to ☘️ TEN ☘️ Elephant or *other* Critter Charms *Gift for Animal Lovers* ~Free US Ship~

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Win up to TEN animal charms, on your choice of bail. Use these to make your own jewelry!

All are bright gold or silver tone (some bright, others more of an antique silver) color, not silver plated.

More than *50* charms to choose from ... see the list below! While supplies last ... I do NOT guarantee that supplies will last on any individual charm ... when they are gone, they are gone!

~I am OUT of starfish charms.~
This is a "tiered" listing ... the higher the final bid, the more you win.

You win at least one charm of your choice, or
~TWO at 199.000 credits (or earrings)
~Three at 259,000 credits (or earrings/pendant set)
~ FOUR at 299,000
~ FIVE at 339,000 credits
~ Six at 399,000 credits
~ TEN at 499,000 credits
... about what you'd pay for a $4 gift card on Listia, for TEN charms or earrings, shipped FREE!

These charms would sell for at least $2 each ... 10 of are worth at least $20!

☘️ Don't want to wait? ☘️
I have Get it Now listings for these, at the EXACT same prices as the tiers on THIS listing ... AND available at MUCH lower prices with paid shipping.

My GIN listings for these are titled:
✔GIN wins ☘️ #☘️ charms ~Least Expensive~ Elephants & *other* Animals

Search "natahoa" to find my GIN listings ...
have fun shopping!
☘️ ☘️ ☘️
♥ *NEW* angel
♥ Enamel lamb
♥ Elephant:
~ large bright silver
~ large bright antique gold/brass color
~ silver African elephant head
~ copper Indian elephant head
Cats and dogs:
~ Gold Cat with white enamel
~ Gold howling wolf
~ I ♥ Cats
~ dog person or cat person
~ I ♥ My Dog or cat
~ I ♥ Cats
~ sitting cat

~ gold tone swallow (bird)
~ lovebird parrots
~ Best Friends (2-charm set counts as ONE item)
~ Faith (round)
~ Family (round)
~ Made with Love tag
~ Slide-on turtle Euro charm
~ Volkswagen bug
I ship First Class with tracking.

Search "natahoa charm" and have fun shopping!

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    ☘️ Jewelry-Makers's Alert ☘️
    BE SURE to check out my "stash" listings ... choose from more than 50 items to add to your jewelry-making stash.

    If you make jewelry, you KNOW how much this stuff can cost ... get it here on Listia!
    My "stash" listings are available with BOTH free shipping, and paid shipping.

    My "low GIN / paypal ship" listings cost a LOT LESS than buying enough credits to win my free-shipping listings.

    ☘️ Spend your money wisely! ☘️

    Search "natahoa beads" and have fun shopping!
  • Original
    ☘️ Don't want to wait? ☘️
    I have these with Get it Now at the EXACT same prices as the tiers in this listing!

    ☘️ IMPORTANT: if you BUY credits... ☘️

    I have ALL of my GIN items listed with free shipping, AND at MUCH lower credits with $5 shipping via paypal ~ which I discount to $4 shipping if you win more than one paid-shipping listing I can ship together!

    My "paypal ship" listings costs MUCH less than buying enough credits to win my free-ship listings.

    ☘️ Spend your money wisely! ☘️

    Search "natahoa" to find my HUGE selection, all available with both free and paid shipping.

    Search "natahoa" and have FUN shopping!
  • Original
    I really like your elephants, I'll bid.
    Thanks so much and good luck!
    I also have these available with Get it Now.
    I have listings for them charms only, and other listings that include a necklace.

    Please search "natahoa" to see all of my fun jewelry on Listia.
    And have fun shopping!
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