Camping Lantern with Compass

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Portable Lantern/Compass
Random Color Black, Red, Blue
Lifespan is more than 100000 hours
LED cold light source high efficiency & energy saving
Bright white light with concentrated beam stability
Mirror can make beam farther & more even
Lamp can illuminate up to 40 square meters on ground
Light has a compass at the top & two stainless steel hooks & can be hung easily
Adjustable brightness switch
(Batteries not included)

Ships w/Tracking
Ships Mon-Fri Only
No Weekends Or Holidays (I'm Away)
Tracking Usually Listed 24-72 Hrs After Shipment
If Postal Loss/Damage/Etc. Occurs
Exact Exchange or Replacement Only

I List Both New & Gently Used Items ~
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    What about putting in rain
    I had one last January on my desk, when a tree fell on my house. It sat on the desk which was rained on for 2 days as water poured in where the tree fell & it still worked fine :) I also had the same one, last through Hurricane Harvey too ~ but we were pretty lucky through both of those storms so lol maybe we just got lucky that ours lasted through way more than normal rain :)
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