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Boys Christmas mystery book

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Here you are bidding on a boy book, Christmas mystery , these books are all used but in fair to good condition ,these were given to me from Santa from a school that had these and were books from last year and were donated to me for those special good kids who love to read , included is a wooden teddy bear on some of the packages that were from the little kids,who helped wrapped these and I added the card, the card and attached a bracelet to a certain packages ,Merry Mystery xmas. Only bid if you are willing to pay at the end, if no payment is received,you will be blocked.You decide, How much credit you want to spend. The picture is the present you will receive.I can only ship on paydays so please be patient and i will make sure you get it in time. NO REFUNDS.

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    HI! Do you have an age range that these are for?? Thanx :) Watching and bidding!
    All books are mixed up from baby to preteen ,I didnt wrap them the kids from the school did all the bracelets were als ok done by some kids and I added them to the girl gifts with a tag they were marked in the boxes girl and boy books so I knew what tag to put on and the boys has a little wooden teddy the teacher gave me to put on the boys gifts sorry I dont know what book they are.
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    Oh ok thanx for the info :)
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