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Long Black Dress w/ Tiger Plus Size 2X ☆Think: Summer!!☆

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Long Black Dress w/ Tiger Plus Size 2X
Lots of stretch.

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Make it a great day! (:

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  • Mar 22nd 2019, 8:49 AM
    Apologies for not getting these up sooner.. recovery from my survey isn't going as well as I would have liked..

    Bust: 21" Good stretch to it, so it will give a little if needed.

    Shoulder- Hem: either 51" or 53".. took measurements and then the phone rang.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you for all the bids! Good Luck, all!

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  • Original
    do u think this wood fit a XL or wood it be too big in arm/chest?
    I think this would be a little big, but an easy fix with needle and thread.
  • Original
    Oops just saw your answer...
    Well I’m not big on the old needle & thread either lol
    Lol I'll take measurements when I get back from the doctor this morning. Am still healing up from surgery and forgetting everything.. lol
  • Picture?type=square
    bust measurement?
    Sure thing, hun. Will get measurement when I return from my doc appt this morning.
  • Original
    Watching ;)
    What’s the length? Ankle? Looks long. I’m 5’1” - too long for me??

    Lol I'm 5'3"& 3/4.. it hit the floor when I tried it on. But, nothing needle and thread wouldn't fix. I just never had the time.
  • Picture?type=square
    Thank you. Good Luck!
  • Original
    side to side?
    I don't understand..?
  • Original
    Armpit to armpit measurement?
    Sure thing. Am sitting down to do the dinner thing right now and will post measurements in just a bit.
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