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Crocheted Octo. New. Made by Me.

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Octos are my favorite yarn pets and I have several in inventory. This is my latest pattern and I like it a lot. This seafoam green Octopus is about 1 1/2 inches tall, made entirely out of yarn and stuffing with non-toxic painted-on eyes so is safe for small children. Don't try to keep her confined to just one spot in your house as octopuses are the most intelligent invertebrates on the planet and she is sure to escape from her enclosure.

Crocheted animals are part of the yarn items I sell at a local art store along with my Yarn Genie Mystery novels and other crocheted and knitted items I make.

Winner will get the octopus shown.

Lots of fun for a Birthday gift. I sometimes roll up money and curl one of the arm around it. You can even use her in place of a bow on a package.

I will take suggestions for future auctions, but right now can't make any promises as I'm very behind in my writing and other custom orders.

Now for the boring stuff.

I don't have a smartphone, but I check my Listia account every day so if you have a question, look for the answer the next day.

No one smokes in my home and I love but don't have pets.

I will ship within five days of auction close, usually within two days.

All Listia rules apply.

Good Luck!

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    How are you so good at making these
    Years of practice. In other words, I'm old.
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