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Motorola Cable Modem MB 7220 8x343 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 Brand New In The Box

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Brand new Cable Modem from Motorola it’s the MB7220 DOCSIS 3.0 (8xfaster than 2.0)
I have one of these it’s not the best most newest modem but it’s far from slowest and still retails pretty high from $49-$39 ..Read all the info look it up at amazon or Best Buy maybe ..8 downstream channels ..I upgraded from the other and it’s amazing ...I don’t have super nice router either 450 but my house runs 3 TVs w streaming services I’ve got iPad and phone my daughter seems to have one going or both then 2 iPhones running off this ..This modem was huge running my direct TV now ...most other streaming services ran smoothly before but now no glitches at all and just a way better upgrade for me ..Cable modem only ( I do have dsl phone line one too if you ask it’s super nice brand new ) don’t think all specs will fit on this page if not I’ll take pictures and last couple pictures will be off the site w everything you need just the box should do and or little research yourself ...

Brand new in the box Black color** Free shipping ***well protected Rem xnk is around .0016 so do the Math it’s a nice deal for a Xnk site
Add up what I’m asking and Last i looked at Amazon it’s $39.99 there....Last several pictures reads in order about the product

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    Really good cable modem for this price all ..check what your using and if your not on this level you should go for it I said I had the model before this one and I’m still using this to run my house w just a descent router I now have 3 TV all using streaming services ...several phones ..couple iPads and on occasion my HP computer and when everyone’s home we have smooth service ..amazing out front w 5ghz service on our main TV /living room and still no lag when using 2.4ghz in rooms further away or outside our house ...for the price it’s awesome and unless your running several super gaming system if your online player using multi computers then your not even using these your paying the huge bucks for modems most houses don’t use bc your not offered those speeds ..crazy how fast/how much info I can download per second ,mind blowing compared to years ago ..anyway it’s brand new ,I’ve been lazy about checking my relatives modems esp older ones who don’t have much knowledge on this but with a descent router to match this for This price -can’t go wrong -don’t pay rent for your modem from isp just buy a better one like this : )
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