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Amethyst Glass Purple Large 5 Piece Set Hobnail More

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Beautiful assortment of five Purple glass pieces! Each is a beautiful amethyst purple color. Included are as follows:
1) Pitcher; 5.5 inches tall
2) Hobnail pitcher w/ Made in Italy sticker; 5.5 inches tall
3) Vase w/ ruffled rim; 5 inches tall
4) Pitcher w/ white streaks, 5 inches tall
5) Vase w/ etched design, 4.25 inches tall
All together like 5 pounds with free shipping!

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  • Original
    Very nice set!
    Thank you :)
  • Original
    are these just for looks or can u actually use them and do u or can u find any uranium
    Most the glass I list are collectibles, I guess you could use them. I will check under a black light tomorrow and look for uranium, if it has it I will add more pics :)
  • Original
    What an absolutely AMAZING Lot to offer on Here-- Simply Gorgeous and Quite Generous of you My Dear~
    Thank you, love your auctions also :D
  • Original
    I have not forgot to test for uranium, I will get to that. I have been getting peoples orders out so as soon as everything is packed and ready to mail out. I will get to checking for the uranium.
  • Original
    I still have not found my black light to see if it has uranium in it, I have too many packed boxes so I apologize.
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