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iJoy Logo DOVE Premium Active Wireless Bluetooth Neck-Band

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Hi To my fans who pay for their auctions!! Love you and I know how you all love these wireless headphones! So I’m auctioning another pair. I’m showing you mine which I love. Of course you will get a brand-NEW unopened box!

NOTE: To those of you that like to sabotage auctions by bidding and not having the XNK or the money to buy XNK: DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU CAN PAY WITH XNK!! You will be reported to Listia for nonpayment and they will control your ability to bid. I will also block you from ALL future auctions.

*The essential audio solution for life on the go.
*Around-the-neck wearing style with body-contoured fit.
*Take a call or switch between your favorite tunes.
*A top-rated audio experience.
*Easy controls with a touch of a button.
•Bluetooth 4.0
•Battery 3.7V/120mAh
•Standby/Talk 300 hrs./6hrs.
•Playback time 6 hours
•Charge time 1.5 hrs.
DIMENSIONS: mm (inch)
~Width 135.6 (5.33)
~Length 167.3 (6.58)
~Height 16.9 (0.66)

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  • Sep 6th 2019, 8:36 AM
    Added 3 more pics.

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  • Sep 6th 2019, 12:26 PM
    Got the new, sealed in the box one for you, the winner of this auction.

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  • Original
    Amazing listing!! Watching and bidding =_]
    Thanks so much and welcome back! (:
  • Original
    Hello I’m new here, would store credit ink work to pay as your cash ink?
  • Original
    Are these comparable with any phone. I have the Google pixel xl2 .and I've had a hard time finding wireless ones that are
    I’m not sure but I put all the specifications here so you can read them.
  • Original
    Very nice
    Thanks so much!
  • Original
    Way cool auction
    Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy and luck to you (:
  • Original
    Tina1530 I was thinking about your question and it doesn’t say anything about types of phones it’s compatible with on the box but I will check the instructions and then get back to you. I know it works great with my iPhone and I used to have an Android which I was able to pair with any headphones.
  • Original
    OK thanks.. I tried to get a Sony pair once and it didn't work.. And Google ones are expensive
  • Original
    F& w
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