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Compasses Top & Bottom 3 Minute Brass hour Glass

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I have lots of brass, not taking it all with me.
With no identifying markings, it’s hard to tell exactly when this hourglass was manufactured or where it came from. A few markings are present. It bears a resemblance to decorative nautical brass sand hourglasses. It lasts 3 minutes. It appears as though one of the legs is slightly bent (see pic ), though it does not appear to affect the hourglass’ operation.

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    Love it!
    Thank you :)
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    Hello,is it for free shipping to algeria?
    Sorry no I only ship in the U.S.
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    How tall is it? Awesome piece.
    Oh I am sorry I did not list it, it is 5/12 inches tall and a little over 2 inches wide. That to the tallest part the tip to the widest the brass circles.
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    How cool is this? :)
    I dont know how old it is, no markings :)
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