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Italian Glass Clown 4 Listed Win All for Bonus $20.00 Gift Card

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I have 4 Italian Glass Clowns to list some still have their sticker Murano, or Tuscany all are Italian Glass. See Ruler for height to each. Win ALL 4 OF THEM (all in separate listings) you will be saving me on shipping and so I will give a bonus $20.00 gift card of Walmart or Amazon, the Walmart one will be delivered with this package or the Amazon sent from Amazon separate, your choice.
This one no chips, cracks or broken pieces, few sharp spots on the pointy yellow hair.

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    Challenge Accepted! Haha Love all your Auctions:)
    Yay, best of luck to you also, and thank you so much. Im seeing more need items for Christmas on here, so Im going to look through my stuff see what I got new that I can list. Thank you so much for watching my auctions :) Means a lot to me.
  • Original
    P.S. You got me to check out your other auctions. Very nice things in there. Now watching a few of them, too.
    wonderful thank you so much :)
  • Original
    Great auction concept. I don't happen to be interested in the clowns, but I'm watching all 4 anyway. This could get *very* interesting near the end. *gets the popcorn ready* :)
    lol its just I have spent so much in shipping lately and some people might have one of these already and not want that one but do the other one, so this way if they save me in shipping I will give that back for sure, it helps me and these are heavy plus will have to be packages well so it will be bulky too which means high shipping.
  • Original
    It's great all around. Giving an incentive since you save on shipping is awesome. Best of luck.
    Thank you so much
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