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❤Yankee Candle Auction! With Add On Bonuses!❤

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This Auction is what most people may consider a "Tiered Auction," but this Auction will be different in quite a few ways, as I am not only going to start off with a Nice Amount of Yankee Candle Items, but I also plan to make this Listing a Fun and Entertaining Auction, for anyone and everyone who chooses to participate!

· With most Tiered Auctions, Items are usually only added once a Bidding Amount is reached, but with this Add On Bonus Auction, I plan to add Items for loads of different reasons! So you are probably wondering, "What are the ways these Add On Bonus Items will be thrown in?" But to answer that question, in as simple a fashion as humanly possible, Bonuses will be added for the following, but not limited to:

* Trivia Question Challenges!
* 'Guess the Next Bonus' Challenges!
* Hitting X Amount of Watchers!
* Reaching X Amount of Comments!
* Reaching X Amount of 'Likes' in Comments!
* Completely Random Bonus Add On Surprises!
* And Yes, Some Bidding Amount Goals Also!

· Without further ado, here are the Yankee Candle Items kicking off this Add On Bonus Auction:

↪ 4 Pack of Yankee Tea Lights in 'Bahama Breeze'
↪ A Wood Wick Petite Candle Jar in 'Oudwood'
↪ 2 Pack of Yankee Vent Sticks in 'Honey Clementine'
↪ A 22g Yankee Wax Tart in 'Lilac Blossoms'

· The Retail Price of just the Starting Items is a bit more than $22 in Total!

· With the Holiday Season approaching, these will make Great Stocking Stuffers, and or, a Hearty Christmas Gift, and or, Birthday Present as a Whole Package, for Mom, Daughter, Grandma, NaNa, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Cousin, BFF, Friend, CoWorker, Wife, Girlfriend, Fiancee, and or, that Candle Lover and Collector in Your Life!

ღ❤ღ Remember to Check Out All of My Auctions, as I List Many Different Items! ღ❤ღ
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♥♥ Thank You for Stopping By! And Happy Bidding to Everyone! ♥♥

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  • Nov 10th 2019, 7:26 PM
    I want to apologize to all of you, with the utmost sincerity, for the Delay on this Auction, as both myself and my 3 and a half yr old son have been so incredibly sick these last few days, so I am completely backed up on everything!

    However, I am so Incredibly Excited, Thrilled, and just All Around Glowing with Enjoyment, about this Auction's turn out thus far, and also seeing how excited all of you are, about this Auction and what's to come!

    So without further ado, I am going to Add a Few Random Bonus Add On Items now, in Lieu of My Absence!

    * Even though they are not Yankee Candle Brand, they are such a Cute Set and Smell Absolutely Amazing! Not to mention, their Colors Scemes and Scent Themes will be So Gorgeous for the Thanksgiving Holiday, and or, also the Christmas Holidays!

    I added a Pic of the Top of the Candles, along with a 2nd Pic of the Candles from the Side, so all of you can get an idea of just how Adorable this Set of Candles really are!

    But Stay Tuned Everyone! Because as Soon as we Reach 28 Watchers Total, I will be Adding the next Add On Bonus Item! And it's definitely a Great Bonus, that you will not want to miss!

    ❤ Happy Bidding to Everyone! ❤

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  • Nov 11th 2019, 7:09 PM
    Congratulations Everyone! We have Reached 28 Watchers, actually 29 Watchers to be exact! And for that reason, I am going to Add On not only 1, but 2 Surprise Bonuses!

    ↪1 Yankee Votive in 'Bahama Breeze'
    ↪1 Yankee Votive in 'Color Me Happy'

    Both of these Scents smell so Incredibly Invigorating, and even though they are moreso Spring and Summer Aromas, it's always nice to have some on hand, regardless of the Season, directly after a Thorough House Cleaning! You know, to bring back that Nostalgic Spring Cleaning Feel!

    But I hope you all absolutely love the Add On Bonuses for this evening!

    ✨ However, as for the next Add On Bonus, it will be revealed after someone answers the Question to this Riddle Correctly! The Riddle Reads as Follows:

    · I can be used Manually, although some may prefer me Electric! But either way, I will help to make your home smell great! What am I?

    Best of Luck to Everyone! The Very 1st Listian to Comment with the Correct Guess, will not only Win a Bonus Prize for themselves, but will also Reveal the Next Add On Bonus!

    ❤ Happy Guessing and Bidding to Everyone! ❤

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  • Original
    Sounds great.What happens is someone just Gins it??
    Thank you very much, toots2! So to clarify how the GIN is going to work, this is how it will work!

    If someone Utilizes the GIN Option, they will Win Everything shown in Pics 2 to 6! Additionally, they will also get to Choose 1 Add On Bonus Item from Pics 7 and On!

    And because the Retail Value of the Initial Items approx $22 Total, the GIN Winner will also receive another $22 in Mystery Items!

    So I hope that better clarifies how the GIN Option works! But I appreciate your question, and wish you the Best of Luck!
  • Original
    This sounds extremely fun. I will watch and bid. Fanning you!!
    Awesome! So glad that you are excited about this Auction! And I am going to be Adding so many more Bonus Prizes in these next 13 Days also! But I cannot express how much I appreciate your sweet Comments! And Best of Luck to you!
  • Original
    Watching & bidding.
    Thank you very much, Jody! Stay Tuned for all of the Add On Bonuses and Updates! And Best of Luck!
  • Original
    fan and watching
    Awesome! So glad that you are Watching! Keep an eye out for all of the Bonuses to come in these Next 13 Days! And I wish you the Best of Luck!
  • Original
    what toots2 asked
    I responded to toots2' Question regarding the GIN, so I hope that Clarifies how the GIN Option works! But if you have any other Questions, and or, Concerns, feel free to ask and I will Respond as soon as humanly possible!
  • Original
    watching and bidding
    Great! So excited to have you join in on this Auction, as there are going to be so many Add On Bonus Prizes in these Next 13 Days! But Best of Luck to You also!
  • Original
    Great auction. Fan, watching and definitely bidding!
    Nice! That's what I like to hear! I appreciate your sweet words, and just want to give you a heads up to Stay Tuned for all of the Updates and Add On Bonuses that will be coming in these Next 13 Days! And Best of Luck to you also!
  • Picture?type=square
    Didnt see you for awhile nice to see you back . What an awesome auction :)
    Thank you so much, Cami! You are such a Sweetheart! In appreciate your incredibly sweet Comment, and wish you the Best of Luck!
  • Original
    What happens if some one GINs?
    Read my Reply to toots2, and hopefully that will clarify how the GIN Option is going to work!
  • Original
    My mom loves yankee candles! I hope I can win!!
    So does mine! I love them also, but not nearly as much as my Mom! Haha!

    But I wish you the Best of Luck, and keep an Open for all of the Updates and Add On Bonus Prizes!
  • Original
    Ok.. Gonna give the riddle a shot because no one else has yet.... A candle.... Flame would be manual but there's also electric warmers... Thought the guess might work with the theme.... Lol.... Great auction
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