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$3.00 Amazon E-gift Card

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I have a e-gift card for Amazon up for bids today.
When the listing ends I will send the winner the code to redeem this on their Amazon.

Might not be much but every penny helps when your working on a goal in Amazon.

All rules of Listia apply here.

And I do not have a gift card this is a e-card. So winner will get the code off this page when it ends,

All sale`s go toward supporting my rescue animals.

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  • Jan 19th 2020, 6:17 PM
    Look at the picture this could help you all ot the ones who do not know how much the xnk is worth.

    This is why many are listing their items as high as they can.
    Now looking at this you will know why.
    And the buyers ship free too well many of them do.

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  • Original
    These are always fun to shop with..started the bidding!
    Yes fun to shop with or save for goals. I was just listing to see how much xnk it would bring. I normally save them. Thank you for stopping by and starting the bid off too.
    Good luck
  • Original
    I am always looking for Amazon gift cards and love supporting your rescues!
    Thanks for wanting to support too. Like I said I normally collect Amazon gift cards like this for my own use , but this time I am sharing it with Listia too.
    Good luck
  • Original
    Do you have much more?
    No this is the only one I have and the amount has been given
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