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Big Funky Vintage Silver Men’s Ring, Size 9

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-This was an interesting find for me...It’s a Chunky Men’s Ring with a garnet stone and a big silver design on top.
-Item has No Stamps BUT tested and it’s silver.
-Size 9, weighs 0.74 oz
-It’s a weighty ring with a funky, fun design to it!

Smoke free home. Any questions please PM me or leave a comment.

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Happy Bidding All, God Bless and TY all for stopping by❤️️

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  • Original
    the law says if its silver it has to be stamped
    I complete agree! And I may just not be able to locate it on ring. But my mother silver tested it on the rock with the solution and it came out silver. So I’m not sure what to tell you.
  • Original
    Just bc it's not marked doesn't mean it's not .925. To me, personally, this looks like it's just what it's said to be....925, & in all fairness, the law ALSO says if its marked .925, it HAS to be .925, & that it's ILLEGAL to sell That made in China crap that's marked .925, BUT AINT .925, Unless it IS
    IN FACT .925 stuff they have on here as .925 if it's NOT .925.
    I completely agree. My family has been in the biz for over 30 years. My mother tested the ring before she gave it to me to sell, so it is in fact Silver, we just can’t find any stamps :/
  • Original
    Hope that made did when was typing it anyway. Lol
    Perfect sense! And I ty for the support, someone always has to make a comment or two that isn’t necessary.
  • Picture?type=square
    Free Shipping
    In the US, Yes!
  • Picture?type=square
    U will mail it to me
    If you pay the XNK when you win and send a verified address, yes.
  • Original
    the comments are necessary to keep people from getting cheated
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