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  • Oklahoma (map)
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If auction ends with less than 3000.00 XNK the winner will receive 1 5" cutting.
If the bid exceeds 3000.00 XNK I will add another cutting. If bids exceed 10,000.00 XNK winner will get 5 cuttings. I will continue to add more if the bids keep rising.

Please ask questions before bidding. Listia rules apply. No refunds. No whining. No ***** or making wind.

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  • Original
    Hmmm this one may be more fitting for the Zombie doll LOL! ;D
    Oh yes! I have always wanted to put a "Ming Thing" in a doll head. Google image a Ming Thing. I think you'll really love it!
  • Original
    Oh wow!! Never seen one! Very cool
    They remind me of zombie brains! LOL
  • Original
    Most definitely!! Lol!
  • Original
    Well heres a nice plant i dont have. Watching this one.
    I dont like to look of the Ming Thing.
    Haha! yes, the Ming Thing is an acquired taste! Thanks for watching! This would thrive in your part of the country.
  • Original
    Oh i no it will. I use to have this plant. I left it out in the cold by mistake one cold cold winter and killed it. Would love to win this one.
    Thanks for listing.
    Thank you! I love this one too!
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