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Brand New Huarache Nike's baseball cleats! Size 11.5 men

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Brand new men's Huarache Nike's baseball cleats! Size 11.5
Brand new never worn.

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    Top NOTCH brand. Definitely bidding. Excellent auction ❣
    Thank you hun!♡
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    No other kind of payment is allowed, so many people want cash/money for their items though, so I make sure XNK is what's being accepted when I'm interested in items ; ) Thanx bunches! Definitely Watching!
    Yeah only XNK. Thank you! I have many more :)
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    Your so welcome and God Bless Always ❤❤
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    Hi- awesome listing and welcome to Listia!!

    You are shipping these completely free of charge yes?

    You are accepting only Listia's currency XNK as payment for them correct?? Thanx much!
    Thank you! Yes free shipping in the US via usps. What other payments are we allowed to do?
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    Great thanks! You may want to start your bidding higher for future listings and check out the current rate of XNK. If you have any questions feel free to PM me :)
    I want everyone to have a chance to bid. I'm fortunate to be able to get deals on items, it would be great to share on here. Thank you hun. You're so sweet.
  • Original
    Thank you & You're welcome! Glad to have you on Listia!
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