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I've decided to do something 'a little different' with a few listings...
ツ Themed Bundles! for Get It Now (GIN), not bids! ...So save up your points and be the one to slam the GIN and grab an awesome bundle at a fair value price. ツ

When you click the Get It Now (GIN) option and submit your Listia verified address, you'll receive this Wine Time! Themed Bundle.

It includes all of the following:
● 1 pair of women's socks that have a special message on the bottoms:
"If You Can Read This" "Bring Me A Glass Of Wine" (Amazon $8.99)
● 2pk (random pick) Dulce Cocina Vinyl Record Coasters (Amazon $5.19)
● 4pk Vinrhuu Stemless Wine Glasses,16oz Shatterproof Plastic Wine Cups (Amazon $7.99)
● 1 Owltopper Black Stallion Corkscrew Wine Opener, Ebony Handle, Stainless Steel (Amazon $19.85)

Total Value = $42.02 (plus shipping)!
⭐ My GIN price is more than reasonable. ⭐

ALL items are BRAND NEW!
Think ...Valentine's Gift! or ...Me Time! or ...Mommy Needs Wine
All are relevant to the start of this dismal decade. lol

I will ship FREE in the USA. Tracking info will be provided.

I'm not a dropshipper nor a vendor; just a hoarder with a shopping addiction. lol.

Be sure to check out my other listings! I have a variety of items in a variety of categories... And you never know what I'll be offering on Listia next!

All LISTIA Rules apply.
I do my best to describe items as well as I am able. I include BOTH stock photos AND real-time photos to assist in buyers' understanding of what they are getting. Therefor, all sales are final. No returns/refunds or exchanges.

♥ BE SURE TO Like, Share, Watch, Fan, Comment, and Bid! Let's get a conversation going. ♥
♥ ♥ #ListiaLove #HoarderStories #MarketAndLoot ♥ ♥

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  • Original
    Props tag79
    Wow, Absolutely FABULOUS and IM down with the wine! I wish Listia would break the rules and let us offer Wine, LOL
    Props tag66
    I know, right!
    Thanks for checking it out and dropping a comment :)
    You have a lot of great auctions, too.
  • Original
    Props tag79
    I`ll drink to that!
    Props tag66
    and Thanks for checking it out.
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