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For the next 21 days, I'll be listing up a movie a day. It could be in DVD or Blu-Ray format. All were purchased new and only watched once. It'll be in like new condition. Be sure to come back daily to see what's showing at the matinee. lol

First off, today's viewing is a classic from 1967, The Deadly Bees in DVD. Noted British horror director Freddie Francis and author Robert Bloch, who wrote Psycho, combined their talents for this tale of terror. Pop singer Vicki Robbins (Suzanna Leigh) collapses from exhaustion and takes a vacation on a small resort island. She soon meets Mr. Hargrove (Guy Doleman), a difficult man with a failing marriage who owns the resort and keeps bees as a hobby. Charming Manfred (Frank Finlay), who also lives on the island, keeps bees as well, and he soon strikes up a friendship with Vicki. However, when first a dog and then Hargrove's wife are killed by bee stings, Vicki discovers that someone on the island is breeding a strain of killer bees, and she has to find out who is responsible and what can be done before they kill again. Keep an eye peeled for a short appearance by the British beat combo The Birds, whose guitarist, Ron Wood, would later become a star playing with The Faces (featuring Rod Stewart) and The Rolling Stones.

As always, free shipping within the USA. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Good luck everyone and will see you tomorrow. :)

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  • May 25th 2021, 10:03 AM
    Day 2, Gintama DVD, Based On The Best Selling Manga. Set in the alternate Edo-period Japan, an alien race from outer space have invaded the country and taken control, forcing the once powerful Samurai to lay down their swords. Once feared as the White Demon , former samurai Gintoki Sakata, works as an everyday handyman until a master swordsman tasks Gintoki and his friends with finding a cursed sword to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. Packed with the sword-swinging sci-fi action and offbeat humor, Gintama is a journey through a visually-stunning universe where fantastical action lurks around every corner.

    I have tons of movies to give away, please place your bids so I can add more. The higher the points, the more you'll get. :)

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  • May 26th 2021, 4:52 AM
    Day 3, The Unity Of Heroes in Blu-ray. Twenty-four years after Once Upon a Time in China IV, Vincent Zhao steps back into the legendary role of folk hero Wong Fei Hung in The Unity of Heroes! The action star produces and stars in the throwback period martial arts film directed by Lin Zhenzhao. In this chapter of the larger-than-life hero's mission of promoting Chinese strength and unity in a time of turmoil, Wong Fei Hung meets the challenge of Master Wu (Michael Tong), a northerner who seeks to unseat Guangdong's top martial artist. Their conflict is further exacerbated by opportunistic foreigners who use Wu to test a dangerous new drug.

    Thanks for the bids, the higher they are, the more you'll get. Until then, see you tomorrow. :)

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  • May 27th 2021, 10:11 AM
    Day #4, In The Name Of Ben-Hur, The Legend Returns! It's in DVD and in Mint condition.

    A gladiator escapes his imprisonment in a Roman arena in A.D. 171. As he tries to make it to Hadrian's Wall and freedom he becomes a folk hero to those who have been oppressed by the Roman Empire.

    Thanks for the bids, please keep them coming. I have a lot of movies to give away! Until then, enjoy your afternoon! :)

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  • May 28th 2021, 10:06 AM
    Day #5 The Brink in DVD and is in mint condition. One of the year's best action film. Relentless Barrage Of Action!

    A reckless police officer is dead set on bringing a world renown gold smuggler to justice, even if he has to go to the ends of the Earth to find him.

    Thanks for the new bids. Please keep it coming so I can give you more than just 1 a day! Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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  • May 30th 2021, 6:22 AM
    Day #6 & 7, wasn't home yesterday to list anything. So, the first DVD is Ithaca in mint condition and the second is a NEW DVD of 3-Pack Action DC Universe with Green Lantern First Flight, Superman Doomsday and Justice League New Frontier.

    Ithaca, When his older brother leaves to fight in the Second World War, fourteen-year-old Homer Macauley takes on a job as a bicycle telegraph messenger to provide for his widowed mother, his older sister and his younger brother. Homer delivers messages of love, hope, pain and death to the good people of Ithaca, but soon must grapple with a message that will change him forever. Based on Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Saroyan’s 1943 novel The Human Comedy, Ithaca is a coming-of-age story about the exuberance of youth, the abruptness of change, the sweetness of life, the sting of death, and the sheer goodness that lives in each and every one of us.

    DV Universe, this action packed release offers three different full length animated movies, each starring the famous super heroes of the DC comic book universe: Green Lantern: First Flight, Superman Doomsday, and Justice League: The New Frontier.

    If you like what you're seeing, please place your bids so I can add more than 1 a day. There has to be someone on here that's a movie buff and that collects them! lol Come back tomorrow for the next sensational movie. :)

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  • May 31st 2021, 6:21 AM
    Day #8, The Pilgrimage Play The Story Of Jesus Christ DVD in Mint condition. Simon Peter tells the life of Jesus in a drama full of biblical re-creations. I'll be watching a few movies today so I can list them up this week. Once bids improve, I'll list more than 1 a day. We still have 2 more weeks. :)

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  • Jun 1st 2021, 10:42 AM
    Day #9 and for today's DVD, it will be Titanic One Voyage, A World Of Untold Stories. It's in Mint Condition.

    A World of Untold Stories. Titanic written by Oscar and Emmy winner, Julian Fellowes, more recently renowned for his Downton Abbey series tells the stories of people on the fated maiden voyage of the Titanic. There are four episodes to the mini-series, the first of which briefly introduces all the main characters and then follows the Titanic on her fateful first voyage.

    You're getting a bunch of cool movies and can only hope that I'll have more bidders. The higher the points, the more you get. Let's keep the bids coming. I need all the help I can get. Please share this with as many people as possible. I thank you all in advance! :)

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  • Jun 2nd 2021, 4:43 AM
    Day #10, Stargate Atlantis Fan's Choice Blu-Ray Brand New.

    You voted - we listened. For the first time ever on Blu-ray, here are extended versions of your two favorite episodes from the celebrated Stargate: Atlantis series - without commercial interruption, and in packaging you designed! The exhilarating, feature-length pilot episode, "Rising", sends a brilliant team of scientists through a Stargate to the legendary city of Atlantis. But not only is the city about to be engulfed by ocean water, an enemy appears who threatens everyone in the Pegasus Ga.

    In order for me to continue with this type of auctions, I need the bids to help me cover the costs of everything. Otherwise, it might be the last time I will ever do this. I've been listening to my customers asking me to sell in bulks instead of individually. I don't want to regret doing this. Please help me out here. Thank you!

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  • Jun 3rd 2021, 6:18 PM
    I apologize, for today has been one of the most busiest day I've ever had. I'm exhausted and wanted to let you all know that I will make it up to you when I wake up in the morning. Thank you kindly and goodnite. :)
  • Jun 4th 2021, 7:16 AM
    Day #11 & 12, going to include 3 movies. The first is Predestination, DVD in Mint Condition, Ip Man The Final Fight in Blu-ray, which is sealed and brand new. Lastly, Along With The Gods The Last 49 Days, DVD in mint condition.

    PREDESTINATION chronicles the life of a Temporal Agent sent on an intricate series of time-travel journeys designed to ensure the continuation of his law enforcement career for all eternity. Now, on his final assignment, the Agent must pursue the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time.

    Ip Man, The Final Fight in postwar Hong Kong, legendary Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man is reluctantly called into action once more. What began as simple challenges from rival kung fu schools soon finds him drawn into the dark and dangerous underworld of the Triads. Now, to defend life and honor, Ip Man has no choice but to fight - one last time.

    Lastly, the fantasy epic that smashed box office records in Korea reaches its thrilling climax in ALONG WITH THE GODS: THE LAST 49 DAYS. As the deceased soul Su-hong and his three afterlife guardians face the remaining trials to obtain their reincarnation, the guardians come face to face with the buried truth of their tragic time on earth a thousand years ago, culminating in a final battle with a rogue god.

    Please keep the bids coming so I can give you more movies. Someone suggested it was better for me to sell them individually instead of a bulk auction like this. If that's the case, it's possible I might cancel this if the bids don't improve. I'm losing out big time and I truly need your help to increase my bids. That's the whole point of an auction. lol Someone, please be brave enough to place your highest bids. The higher it goes, the more you'll get. It doesn't have to be 1 movie a day, I can list tons more. However, I need the bids in order for me to do this. Thank you for your time. :)

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  • Jun 6th 2021, 6:14 AM
    Day 13 & 14 I'm sorry I wasn't able to list anything yesterday as someone through me a Surprise birthday parry. So, I'm back today with a few more movies to add. First DVD is The Zero Hour, brand new, second, The Witch in Blu-Ray in very good condition and lastly, Terry Hulk Hogan in Little Hercules in 3D DVD in excellent condition, but does not come with the 3D Glasses.

    The Zero Hour is a gritty, fast-paced heist film. Set in Caracas during the 24 hours of a controversial medical strike, the film tells the story of Parca (The Reaper) a feared hit man that is forced to take an elite hospital hostage in an attempt to save his wounded girlfriend. The police don't take long to arrive, and with them, a circus of media and onlookers. Parca soon becomes an unlikely hero, a "champion for the poor," until his stunt begins to divide the entire nation and violence begins to spread within the hospital and throughout the city, putting everything, including his girlfriend and her child, in dire jeopardy. A love story told in the midst of chaos, The Zero Hour is a timely and universal story about the mythic rise to power and the inevitable fall from grace.

    The Witch, a devoutly Christian family in 1630s New England struggles to survive living along the edge of a vast wilderness. When one of their five children goes missing and their life-sustaining crops fail, they fall victim to paranoia and fear as they begin to turn on one another.

    Little Hercules, at 12 Hercules or Little Herc as known to family and friends had big dreams we weren't privy to . . . until now with the release of the heartwarming adventure, Little Hercules. With opposition from his father Zeus, Little Hercules decides to go to Earth to experience life as a real boy. He leaves Mt. Olympus, descends through the heavens, and lands in Burbank, California where his time leaping sparks a chain of culture-clashing misadventures.

    Thanks again for the bids, as always, keep them coming and I'll keep adding more. Have a great day! :)

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  • Jun 7th 2021, 9:19 AM
    Day #15 and we have less than a week. I still have a lot of movies to give away, so please keep placing your bids. The higher it goes, the more you'll get. For today, You'll get Demon Warriors DVD in Mint Condition.

    In Demon Warriors. a detective commits suicide in order to enter the spiritual realm between life and death. His purpose - to gain supernatural powers to combat and defeat a gang of demons controlled by an overlord named Sadok. However, with each battle, he must sacrifice one of his five mortal senses. Immortality requires payment of the utmost cost.

    Thanks again for the bids and see you tomorrow or sooner! :)

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  • Jun 8th 2021, 11:29 AM
    Day #16, today's DVD will be The 15:17 To Paris, a true story and it's brand new-sealed.

    An attempted terrorist attack on a Paris bound train is prevented by three courageous young Americans. Their friendship was their greatest weapon that saved the lives of those on board.

    Still have 5 more days to go and if you want more than a movie a day, please help raise the bids so I can give you more. I have hundreds and hundreds of DVD that I'm trying to clear out. With that being said, I'll see you tomorrow or sooner. :)

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  • Jun 9th 2021, 5:59 AM
    Day #17 Only a few more days to go and if you want a lot of movies, please keep the bids coming. Today's DVD is The Ministers and it's in excellent condition.

    In New York, Detective Alberto Santana comes with his partner Joseph Bruno to meet his wife Gina and his daughter Celeste to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. Out of the blue, Alberto is shot in his head on the sidewalk by a man wearing a hood that delivers a religious message from the Lord. Many years later, Celeste is a detective of the New York Police Department and partner of Joe Bruno. When the crooks Alden and Jeff Kane, who had torched their buildings to receive the insurance, are released from prison, they are executed by two criminals in the same modus operandi of detective Santana, and the police department concludes that they are the same killers. Lieutenant Diaz assigns Detective Manso and Detective Demarco from narcotics to investigate the case, for the deception of Celeste. Then the drug dealer Chino and his gang are executed in Manhattan's Lower East Side by the killers Dante and his deformed and deranged twin brother Perfecto, and Lieutenant Diaz teams up Joe and Celeste with Manso and Demarco. Meanwhile, Dante meets Celeste in the church and they date first and have a love affair. When Perfecto decides to kill Joe, Dante argues with him but the dysfunctional brother does not listen to him.

    Thank you again for the bids and keep them coming. I would love to do more than 1 movie a day, but I need the bids to cover the cost of the movies and shipping. You know how it works on this site. See you all tomorrow, if not sooner. :)

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  • Jun 10th 2021, 10:05 AM
    Day #18, no jump, as far as points go, but I'll still list another DVD today and it's for The Natural featuring Robert Redford. It's in excellent condition.

    On the way to a tryout with the Chicago Cubs, young baseball phenom Roy Hobbs (Robert Redford) is shot by the unstable Harriet Bird (Barbara Hershey). After 16 years, Hobbs returns to pro baseball as a rookie for the last-place New York Knights. Despite early arguments with his manager, Pop Fisher (Wilford Brimley), Hobbs becomes one of the best players in the league, and the Knights start winning. But this upsets the Judge (Robert Prosky), their owner, who wants Hobbs to lose games, not win.

    Only a few more days for me to list up as many DVD's or Blu-rays as I can. Please keep the bids coming so I can give you more. Thank you and have a great day! :)

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  • Jun 11th 2021, 11:03 AM
    Day #19, last 2 days before this auction ends. I would love to add a bunch of movies, but no one is bidding. I'll still add another for today. It's for Ghostbusters, Answer The Call in DVD. Yes, it's brand new! :)

    Ghostbusters makes its long-awaited return with Director Paul Feig's unique and hilarious take on the classic, supernatural comedy, led by the freshest minds in comedy today, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth. Together they team-up to save Manhattan from a sudden invasion of spirits, spooks and slime that engulfs the city. Robert Abele of TheWrap says, "This new A-team of ghostbusters are fresh and funny."

    Alright then, tomorrow will most likely be the last day I can place any more DVD's or Blu-rays, since I can't update after that point. So, if you want me to add more than 1 for tomorrow, I need to see some improvement in the points department. lol As always, thank you for your bids and have a great day!

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  • Jun 11th 2021, 11:53 AM
    Thanks Brianrule, here's a bonus DVD, DC Original Movie, Justice League The New Frontier A Commemorative Edition DVD, brand new.

    Adapted from the six-issue comic book series originally published in 2004, the animated adventure Justice League: The New Frontier follows the epic adventures of Superman and his fellow DC Comics superheroes from the end of World War II to the global tensions of the Cold War. In addition to detailing the ultimate fate of DC war comic squadron The Losers and showing how reluctant fighter pilot Hal Jordan made the stunning transformation into The Green Lantern, the film also follows Superman and Wonder Woman as they struggle with their involvement on the East Asia battle arena, finds the Martian Manhunter arriving on planet Earth, and showcases John Henry's valiant struggle against the evil Ku Klux Klan.

    As always, please keep the bids coming and will add more movies. :)

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    Thank you! Will be listing another movie when I return home from work, which is where I'm going to now. lol
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    Fantastic listing. I never heard of "Killer Bees" nor has my husband but it sounds like a good horror movie. I love the classic 60's horror flicks like "Night Of The Living Dead" among others.
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    Thank you and about the Killer Bees, I remember seeing that when I was a little boy and it made me feel silly watching it now, but at the time, it really was a classic and scary.
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    Ship to Canada?
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    Sadly, only in the USA. I'm not sure if they accept USA Media for shipment in Canada.
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