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Everything Must Go!

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Everything Must Go!
I Am SERIOUS! Everything Must Go!
I'd Like To Turn 95% of What I Have Into Listia Points!
I Have Tons of Boxes...
I Have Tons of Brand New Items...
I Have Tons of Gently Used Items Too...
And I Just Feel STUCK!?!?
Where Do I Even Begin?
Should I Start With All The Brand New Items First?
Maybe I Should Start With The Used Items First?
Maybe a Mix of New & Used Would Be Better?
I Have No Idea!
Should I Start With Household Items?
Books? Movies? PC Games? Video Games?
Craft Supplies? Kids Items? Knick Knacks? Clothes?
Beauty Supplies? Holiday Decorations?
There's Just TOO MUCH STUFF!
So, I've Decided to Start...
With a Mystery Box of Items :)
What Will Be In This Box? I Don't Fully Know Yet?
It's a Mystery!

But It Could Be.... Household Items, Books, Movies, PC Games Or Video Games, Craft Supplies, Kids Items, Knick Knacks, Clothes, Beauty Supplies, Holiday Decorations,
& Much, Much More!

I'm Overstocked On Brand New Items That I've Regularly Listed Over The Years ~
Items Like Brand New ....
Wax Warmers, Wax Melts, Essential Oil Warmers & Lamps, Essential Oils, String Lights, Wall Art & Sconces, Corsets, Wigs, Candles, Holiday Gift Sets & Decorations, Books, DVD's, Blu-Rays, Video Games, Round Mandala Tapestries, Full Wall Tapestries, Yarn, Fabric, Costumes, I Could Go On & On!

I Also Have Tons of Great Gently Used Items That I've Been Gifted to List, Or Have Won Here On Listia & Always Meant to List or Re-List But Just Kept Putting It Off!

So, This Could Be a MIX
of Brand New & Gently Used Items :)

At This Point I Just Want
to Ship Out As Much As Possible At a Time :)
I Recently Shipped Out a 40 Pound Box of Items!
It Felt AMAZING! So Amazing That I'd Love To Do It Again!

The Higher the Bidding Is ~
The Larger The Box or Boxes Will Be :)
I Could Send Up to a DOZEN Boxes!
Anything you Don't Like or Want to Keep ~
Could Always Be Gifted or Listed!
You May Earn More Points Than You Gave!

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  • Jun 4th 2021, 8:09 PM
    Remember Everyone ~

    The Higher the Bids Are ~
    The Larger The Box or Boxes Will Be :)

    At 10,000 Points I'll Upgrade To A Larger Package!
    Woohoo :)

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