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Canine Training Whistle Ultrasonic Sound Adjustable Pitch Training Bark Control Trainer Metal Silver

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ultrasound high frequency Training Whistle for dog adjustable Tone - chrome steel the ultrasound model whistle For training, hunting, practice.
Ultrasonic Metal adjustable silver whistle for dog and cat ultrasound Whistle for training dogs.
Adjustable Frequency The ultrasound whistle allows to recall his dog even over long distances without discomfort to the human ear which perceives a slight breath.
This ultrasonic whistle offers a powerful inaudible sound for humans but perceived by the dog for work and long distances.

* High frequency dog training whistle.
* Dogs mainly react to tones and acoustical signals but not to speech.
* They learn easier when the tones and acoustical signals are the same.
* The High frequency Whistle is ideal for the dog's education.
* Dogs perceive high frequency whistles because they have a wider audio frequency range.

Length: 2 Inches
ReColor: Silver
Material: Stainless steel
Includes: 1PCS

::Some tips to use the dog whistle:::

Adjust the pitch & blow the whistle to your dog. Even dogs can't hear all frequencies. Wait until he is asleep and gently blow on the whistle. Your whistle has a nut and screw that adjust the frequency when turned. Continue testing until your dog perks up. You will then know you have reached a frequency he can hear.
Use the dog whistle with varying sequences to train your dog. For example, one long burst can mean "come," while a series of short, staccato bursts might mean "sit." Keep your whistle commands consistent and your dog will always know what you expect of him.
The dog's behavior according to your instruction need to be trained. Such as, at meal time, blow on the whistle before they get the food. It will only take a few times of doing this and your dog will react quickly.

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