The Listia Team


Meet The People Behind Listia

We're a team of energetic and passionate people in the San Francisco Bay Area. Being both users and makers of the site, our continual goal is to improve upon the Listia experience!

The Founders

Gee-Hwan Chuang   Co-Founder, Metrics Junkie

San Francisco based entrepreneur Gee Chuang is the Co-Founder and CEO of Listia, the world’s premier online trading marketplace for new and used goods. Chuang co-founded the popular service in 2009 which now claims over 8 million members. Listia was founded on the premise that consumers can unlock the value of items they no longer need by trading them online using an innovative credit system instead of cash. Chuang is leading the way in giving people the chance to participate in the sharing economy.
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James Fong   Co-Founder, Badge Collector

San Francisco based innovator, James Fong is the Co-Founder and President of Listia, the world’s premier online trading marketplace for new and used goods. Fong co-founded the popular service in 2009 which now claims over 8 million members. Fong’s strong desire to build and create combined with his entrepreneurial spirit brought about the concept of Listia. The company launched as a brand new way to get rid of items you no longer need or want by acquiring and trading credits. It was one of Fong’s own challenges that led him to create this community that simplifies the spending experience and create a shared economy. Listia is Fong’s obsession giving him the opportunity to unlock the value of many items for members that otherwise would not be possible or achievable.
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The Team

Gee-Hsien Chuang   Developer, Monday Vegetarian

Gee-Hsien joined Listia in the Fall of 2010 as its first employee. He comes with a range of startup/software experience and skills, and loves winning items on Listia for his two nephews. He is an avid coffee drinker in the office, so if you're ever in Mountain View and want to grab an americano, please let him know.

Rosie   Community & Support, Native Oregonian

Rosie joined Listia in May 2011 as the company's first female employee. She brings years of customer service and marketing experience, and is Listia's resident blogger (check us out at She enjoys reading celebrity gossip, using colorful post-its, and is a strong believer of putting milk before cereal.

Ngan   Developer, Self-Taught Ninja

Ngan joined Listia in August of 2011. He enjoys the simple things in life like taking his dog, Waffles, for a walk, playing the guitar, and watching Family Guy late at night before bed. He is obsessed with making everything easy for the user. He is a Apple fanatic and loves getting the latest and greatest technology. He graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Computer Science.

CB   iPhone Developer, Downhill Skier

CB joined Listia in October 2011. He graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a PhD in Computer Science. Before Listia, he had built many high-performance video, image and text processing systems for R&D labs and a startup. His personal iPhone/iPad projects have been featured by Apple, Gizmodo, and many iOS magazines. He enjoys skiing and snowboarding with his son every weekend in the winter.

Mabel   Marketing & PR, Office Puppy Trainer

Mabel and her dog Bento joined Listia in October of 2011. They both love hiking in the north bay, quirky documentary films and maguro sashimi. Mabel was born in South America and used to speak Spanish fluently. She now lives in San Francisco and speaks mostly in SMS. She's on a mission to give away every DVD in her house on Listia, except for her coveted Arrested Development box sets.

Amir   Community & Support

Not only does Amir enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures and foods, he also gets a kick out of helping Listia community members. Even though he's 6'3", Amir quickly realized basketball was not his call in life and instead decided to take it upon himself to perfect his baking skills. Perfection is still in progress.

Tae   Community & Support, Patent Holder

Tae is a community guy who's spent the majority of his career helping grow online communities at companies like TiVo, AOL/Time Warner, and Gaia Interactive. When not growing communities, he's learning to grow over 20 different varieties of fruit trees in his backyard and turning into an obsessed urban farmer (rumor has it that he secretly wants to wear farmer overalls in private). He's also a patent holder of the email closing, TaeKTM Care (his last name starts with the letter K), so send your royalty checks made out to him c/o Listia. =)

Quan   Developer, World Traveler

Quan joined Listia in December 2012 as the lucky 13th member of the team. He used to write FPGA codes that are deployed on satellites before taking a year off to travel the world. He's been to over 30 countries and 50 cities and dreams of using Listia credits to fund his next world tour. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Maryland and an MS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins

Katy   Office Manager, Team Mom

Katy is a Jane-of-all-Trades with a background in Event Planning and Aerospace Refrigeration Systems Design. She is responsible for keeping the office fridge stocked with Perrier and making sure office life at Listia is "out of this world". She attends live music shows in her spare time and has recently become Listia's resident DJ with the implementation of her "Noon Song" series. She also keeps PacMan bandaids in her desk for emergencies.